News / Published on Mar 12, 2024

Celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day: March 18

Join us in recognizing our everyday heroes
A female bus driver stands next to a Community Transit bus. She has long silver hair and is wearing a safety best.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day, observed on March 18, is a day to honor the hardworking individuals who keep our communities moving. Behind the wheels of buses, they navigate through bustling streets, adverse weather conditions, and challenging situations, ensuring passengers reach their destinations safely and on time. But how did this day come to be?

The origin of Transit Driver Appreciation Day traces back to Seattle, Washington, in 2009, when two local transit riders, Michael Pratt and Casey Anderson, initiated the idea. Inspired by their positive experiences and interactions with bus drivers, they saw the need to celebrate their contributions to the community.

Their grassroots campaign gained traction, and soon after, Transit Driver Appreciation Day (#TDAD) became an internationally recognized occasion, spreading gratitude to transit workers worldwide.

Now, as we approach another Transit Driver Appreciation Day, it's a timely way for riders to show appreciation for these unsung heroes. Here are a few simple yet meaningful ways to express gratitude to your bus driver:

  • Say "Thank You": A genuine expression of gratitude goes a long way. Simply saying "thank you" as you board or exit the bus can brighten a driver's day and make them feel appreciated.
  • Write a Note: Consider leaving a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for your bus driver. A heartfelt message can make a significant impact.
  • Share Positive Feedback: Many transit agencies provide avenues for passengers to share feedback about their experiences. This praise is shared with their supervisor, so they are recognized for exceptional service. You can share positive feedback with us by:
  • Small Gestures: Small gestures can show your bus driver that their efforts are valued. For example, offer a smile or a friendly greeting.
  • Follow Transit Etiquette: Respectful behavior, following our transit rules, giving up seats to those in need, and keeping the bus clean not only benefits fellow passengers but also demonstrates consideration for the driver.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day reminds us of transit operators' vital role in our daily lives. Let's take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and recognition to these dedicated professionals who keep our communities connected. Whether a simple "thank you" or a thoughtful gesture, every acknowledgment honors transit drivers' hard work and commitment.

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