News / Published on Mar 14, 2024

Changes to three stops along Alderwood Mall Blvd coming March 30

Suggested alternative routes for stops #370, #371, #1742
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Major changes are coming to Community Transit on March 30, as we expand and update routes to accommodate the future of transit in Snohomish County. This includes the opening of the new Swift Orange Line, and some bus routes being replaced or changing paths.

Three stops along Alderwood Mall Blvd that will have limited service between March 30 and fall of this year, because Routes 115 and 116 are being eliminated and replaced with new routes. Below are suggestions for alternative stops and new routes that you can use to make sure you are able to get where you need to go! 

Stops that will be impacted starting March 30: 

  • Stop #370 – Alderwood Mall Blvd and 28th Ave W
  • Stop #371 – Alderwood Mall Blvd and 33rd Ave W
  • Stop #1742 – Alderwood Mall Blvd and 28th Ave W 

Suggested alternatives:

While these three stops will still be served by Route 107 (Lynnwood – Seaway Transit Center), there are other options you can take that are within walking distance of these stops, as shown in the map below. 

  • Swift Orange Line (Edmonds – McCollum Park) will be replacing Route 115. There will be a Swift Orange Line station located on 33rd Ave W, about 0.5 miles away from stop #1742.
  • Route 113 (Mukilteo – Lynnwood Transit Center) can help you get to the Swift station. There is a Route 113 stop on 33rd Ave W about 450 feet from stop #371.
  • Route 166 (Edmonds – Silver Firs) will be replacing Route 116. Route 166 will have stops on Alderwood Mall Pkwy, less than 0.5 miles from stop #370 and #371
Stops #370, #371, and #1742 will have limited service. There are nearby stops along Alderwood Mall Pkwy and 33rd Ave W,

Zip Alderwood Shuttle

Another great option to get around the Alderwood area is the Zip Alderwood Shuttle! Zip is an on-demand shared ride service for travel anywhere within our Alderwood service area for the same price as local bus fare. Learn more about Zip here.  

Videos of the new Swift Orange Line and Route 166 Routes 

New Route 114 and the new Swift Orange Line from Community Transit on Vimeo. Route 115 is going away and will be replaced by two new routes: Route 114 and the Swift Orange Line.

New Route 166 from Community Transit on Vimeo. Route 116 and Route 196 will be replaced by Route 166.

Planning your trip

  • You can use Plan My Trip and set the departure or arrival date to March 30 or later to see what the route options for your trip will be.  
  • You can also call Customer Care if you would like one-on-one help with planning your trip. See their information below.  

Prepare for the March 30 Service Change 

Major service changes are happening on March 30 and again in August of 2024. The best way to prepare yourself for these changes is to learn about how they will affect you. 

Visit the  Service Changes page on our website to see a full list of route changes that are happening on March 30. This page provides a comprehensive list of route changes, including maps, videos, and instructions on finding your new route.

We highly suggest you  sign up for Rider Alerts on the Community Transit website to receive digital notifications via text or email about construction, holidays, severe weather conditions, and upcoming service changes.

For additional questions or comments about the upcoming service changes, contact  Customer Care, available Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at (800) 562-1375 or (425) 353-RIDE (7433), TTY: 711, or via email at