News / Published on Apr 24, 2024

Feedback wanted: Community Transit proposes eliminating commuter bus fare

The public is invited to comment by May 3

Woman's hand swipes ORCA card on scanner to pay fare as she boards CT bus

Changes are coming to Community Transit as light rail reaches Snohomish County later this year. You’ll have more travel options in Snohomish County, more bus service, and improved regional transit connections.

As a part of these coming changes, Community Transit is proposing to eliminate commuter bus fare, starting on Sept. 1. Public comment is open now through May 3 for people who would like to comment on this proposed fare change. 

Why remove commuter fares?
Currently, riders are charged $4.25 for commuter routes that travel to Northgate and downtown Seattle. When light rail begins operating in Snohomish County later this year, Community Transit will stop operating those routes so there is no need for the $4.25 fare category.

If the fare change is approved by the Community Transit Board of Directors, then all standard adult fares would be $2.50 for local bus, Swift, Zip Alderwood Shuttle, and DART paratransit services. Other Community Transit fares would remain the same.

Cost savings for riders going to Seattle
The removal of the commuter fare category would also mean cost savings for people traveling to Seattle from Snohomish County. This is because with the elimination of Community Transit’s commuter fare and Sound Transit’s approved plans to change Link fares to a flat $3, riders from Snohomish County would go from paying $4.25 each way to $3 each way with an ORCA card. For a five-day commute, that would result in $12.50 savings a week and $50 savings a month.

Why are commuter routes being eliminated?
Starting Sept. 14, Community Transit buses will no longer serve Northgate and downtown Seattle. Route 424 will continue to operate until at least 2025, but will move to the standard $2.50 fare. Instead, riders will connect to Link light rail at Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, or Shoreline to complete their trips to Seattle. Some Sound Transit buses will continue to serve Seattle.

We want to hear from you!
As Community Transit plans for fare changes, we want to hear from you by May 3. The following are ways to submit comments:

Title VI analysis
Community Transit conducted a federally mandated Title VI analysis which found that the proposed fare change does not have a disparate effect on minority or low-income populations. Proposed fare changes and the Title VI analysis can be found at