News / Published on Jun 24, 2024

Android users can pay for local transit with their phone and wear OS devices

ORCA cards are now available in Google Wallet
A hand holding a phone up to an ORCA card reader. The phone screen displays a digital ORCA card

Hey Community Transit riders! Are you an ORCA card holder who uses an Android device? Starting today, Android and Wear OS users can add an ORCA card to Google Wallet and use Google Pay for convenient payments on local transit. 

Light rail arrives in Snohomish County on Aug. 30 and using your ORCA card to transfer between transit services will help make your commute a breeze. You can use ORCA on Google Pay to get around the sound, as it is supported by all transit agencies that take ORCA payment, including Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, and Washington State Ferries. 

Adding your ORCA card to Google Wallet will enable you to pay for transit, fund your accounts, view transactions, and see trip history all within the Google Wallet app. 

Adding a new ORCA Card to the Google Wallet 

To use ORCA on Google Pay, riders must have an Android Phone and have their ORCA card loaded into the Google Wallet app. You can also connect a Wear OS device to Google Wallet and tap compatible smartwatches. 

Follow these five steps to get started:

  1. Open your Google Wallet on your Android device
  2. Select “Add to Wallet”
  3. Choose “Transit pass” 
  4. Search for "ORCA"  
  5. Tap “ORCA” and you're on your way!

Converting a plastic ORCA card to a digital card 

If you own a plastic ORCA card, you can easily convert it into a digital card on Google Wallet with no extra charge. If you have an Android phone, converting your plastic card to a digital card is possible for Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled, and ORCA LIFT cards.  

Something to consider: Upon conversion to Google Wallet, your plastic card will be deactivated, and all passes and balances will be transferred to your phone. Any new Adult digital ORCA cards added to your wallet will cost $3, the same as purchasing a plastic ORCA card.  

How to use ORCA on Google Wallet to pay your fare

To pay for transit with ORCA on Google Pay, just wake your phone screen, tap it on an ORCA card reader on the bus or at a Swift station, and go. Your phone now works just like a traditional plastic card, just tap anywhere you would tap a plastic ORCA card. If the volume on your phone is on, you will hear a “boop” sound and see a green checkmark on the device, indicating a successful tap.

To ensure the best experience, riders are also urged to link your digital ORCA card to their ORCA account on the myORCA app or 

A few more important details

While adding ORCA cards to Google Wallet offers new convenience to riders who have purchased their own ORCA Card, businesses, schools, and organizations that issue ORCA cards will determine if they enable the cards they provide to be added to Google Wallet. If you received your ORCA card through work or another organization, you are encouraged to contact your issuing employer, school, or organization for more information. 

Promotional ORCA cards that you might have received from Community Transit, such as cards given out at community events, will be eligible to convert to Google Wallet once the promotional period has ended.

Another thing to note is that credit cards stored in phone wallets cannot be used for transit payments yet, only ORCA cards are accepted at this time.

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