Opportunities to work with Community Transit

When Community Transit needs to buy a good or service, it issues a solicitation. Solicitations are documents that clarify our requirements so businesses can submit competitive bids.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) is one type of solicitation the agency uses. Public and private sector businesses request responses to RFPs to compare vendors and evaluate various options to ensure they receive the best solution.

Businesses of all sizes must respond to the solicitation for consideration. A solicitation bid package is an often-complicated document (or set of documents) to which you develop a responsive proposal. The law mandates the format and composition of bid packages. Therefore, we divide RFPs into several sections identified by an alphanumeric letter (A through M). Knowing what's in this package can help you prepare and assemble the appropriate information and documentation. In addition, our Procurement Portal makes understanding and responding to solicitations easy— visit the portal and register for access.

When responding to a solicitation, you'll want to be ready because an effective and competitive response is critical to winning new business.

An award occurs when a business has successfully met the requirements of the RFP.

Register your business to do business with us

If you are one of our registered vendors, you will receive automatic notifications when solicitation opportunities become available.

Not registered? Use the link below to register for free. Visit our Procurement Portal to learn more about the procurement process.

All solicitation responses must follow the instructions provided in the solicitation and be submitted using the forms provided.

Bidders: Please download solicitations, addendums, and notices to submit offers on our vendor bids page.