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Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct apply to all people on Community Transit properties and for all services that we provide. Violations may result in denial of service and exclusion from Community Transit property and services.

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Our Goals

We strive to ensure that everyone who uses Community Transit is treated with courtesy and respect. We want every ride with Community Transit to be safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Our Rules of Conduct are here to help educate our riders and to provide transparency. 

Thank you for your cooperation in upholding our Rules of Conduct. Please report rule violations or safety hazards to any Community Transit employee, to our Customer Care team, or to emergency services for urgent issues.

Riding Basics

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Pay your fare
Respect others
(No harassment or fighting)
Wear headphones
No smoking, vaping, marijuana, drug, or alcohol use
No loitering, camping, or lying down
Take litter with you when you leave

Who enforces our Rules of Conduct?

Our bus drivers, employees, authorized contractors, and transit deputies may remind you of the Rules of Conduct and warn you of potential consequences. They may ask you to leave a bus or facility or to move seats.

See something, say something

We all play an important role in keeping our communities safe. Say something when you see signs of suspicious activity. If you see something suspicious — on our buses, at our bus stops, at our park & rides or transit facilities — say something immediately. Factors such as race, ethnicity, and religious affiliation are NOT suspicious.

  • Report any suspicious activities or packages to a transit employee or call 911.
  • Be alert to unattended items — backpacks, suitcases, or packages placed in out-of-the-way locations.

See something, say something