Service Ambassador

Focusing on safe rides

We strive to make every ride with us a safe and enjoyable experience. Bus conduct is regulated by state laws and Community Transit Rules and Policies to help make transit a positive experience for all riders. Please report rule violations or safety hazards to any Community Transit employee, to our Customer Care team, or to emergency services for urgent issues. All activities on our buses may be video and audio recorded for your safety. Many park & rides and transit facilities have security cameras.

Please call 911 for immediate assistance with urgent, dangerous, or life-threatening issues.

Service Ambassador

Service Ambassadors

Service Ambassadors are Community Transit employees who assist riders, either on buses or at bus stops and Swift stations, and check fare payment on Swift. They are there to help with your questions and concerns.

Swift riders should be prepared to present their ORCA card or Swift ticket upon request. When a rider lacks proof of payment, ambassadors are authorized to request identification (RCW 81.112.210).

Transit Security Officers

Transit Security Officers

Transit Security Officers are unarmed Community Transit employees who ride our buses and patrol transit stops and facilities. They help uphold Community Transit’s Rules of Conduct, working closely with other resources including Transit Deputies, Service Ambassadors and a social worker who is contracted through Snohomish County.

The Transit Security Officer program, which responds to customers’ and bus operators’ interest in increased security presence, is new as of Spring 2023. Community Transit plans to hire a total of 18 Transit Security Officers in 2023. 

Transit Deputy

Transit Deputies

Community Transit has its own Transit Deputy Unit which is contracted through the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office to provide security for our buses, park & rides, and other facilities. Deputies are fully commissioned law enforcement personnel authorized to verify fare payment and identification along with the authority to issue a notice of infraction (RCW 81.112.210). Deputies in uniform or plain clothes routinely patrol our facilities and ride our buses.

Transit Deputies may perform fare enforcement. Community Transit collects fares on all trips. Passengers are not authorized to ride without paying their full fare; if you choose to ride without paying your fare, you do so at your own risk and may be subject to a $124 fine (RCW 36.57A.230).