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Zip Alderwood Shuttle (Coming Oct. 20, 2022)

Getting around Alderwood has never been easier with the new Zip shuttle from Community Transit.

Get on-demand service for travel anywhere within our Alderwood service area for the same price as our local bus fare.

Enjoy a flexible and convenient service that’s ready when you are for $2.50 or less per ride — plus youth 18 and younger ride for FREE!

You can take Zip Alderwood to the mall, movies, rec center, to run errands, and to connect to our bus services and Lynnwood Transit Center.

Be one of the first to ride Zip — for FREE!

Be among the first to get zipping around Alderwood when service starts on October 20.

Plus, you may be eligible to get a free ORCA card with unlimited rides for one month!


How it works:

When you're ready to go somewhere within our Alderwood service area, book a ride with Zip shuttle for a quick and easy trip! Service will begin on October 20.

Save money with Zip shuttle service

Save on local rides around Alderwood

Enjoy the convenience of an on-demand ride service for the price of a local bus fare (fares range from $1.25 to $2.50 and are free for youth riders). No added service fees or tips! Learn more about our fares here.

Use the app or call to request a Zip shuttle ride

Request a ride when you are ready to go

No need to book a ride far in advance. You can book through our app or by calling. Be ready to share where you’d like to be picked up and dropped off.

Our shuttle will pick you up with an expected wait time of 10-15 minutes

We'll be on our way

Once we confirm your ride, we'll be on our way to pick you up, with an expected wait time of only 10-15 minutes. Plus, you can bring family and friends — just let us know how many people are traveling with you.

Accessible service vehicles available

Need a little extra help?

Are you traveling with a mobility device like a scooter or wheelchair? No problem! Our accessible vehicles will get you to your destination safely. Our trained drivers will help secure wheelchairs and other mobility devices when needed.

Easy payment options

Pay with ease

Ride and pay for Zip with your ORCA card, pay with debit or credit card, or use cash when your ride arrives.

Save more with your ORCA card

Save even more with ORCA

Save when you pay with your ORCA card. Travel up to two hours with just one fare! This includes multiple trips and transfers to buses and other regional transit options.

Give feedback on Zip shuttle service

We want to hear from you!

Zip shuttle service pilot is a partnership with the community and made possible by you. Ride the service, let us know what you think and help us learn how to make Zip even better.


About the Zip Alderwood shuttle pilot:

At Community Transit, our vision is to make travel easier for all — and innovation is a key part of making that happen. Zip Alderwood came to be thanks to community members who wanted to make local travel easier and better.

In 2021 Community Transit partnered with the City of Lynnwood and dozens of other local organizations to develop a pilot transit project. The goal? To better meet local transportation needs.

The Zip Alderwood shuttle will be a one-year pilot, launching on October 20, 2022. Community Transit will continue to gather public feedback during this time to help develop this program into a travel option that truly meets the needs of the community. 

Learn more about Community Transit's Innovative Services program.


Zip Shuttle FAQs

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What are the service hours?
How do I book a ride?
How much does it cost to ride?
How do I pay for my ride?
What if I need mobility assistance?
What if I’m traveling with friends or family?
Can I schedule a Zip ride in advance?
How do I know my ride is on the way?
Where will I be picked up and dropped off?
How will I be able to identify the vehicle?
Can I bring luggage or personal items in the vehicle with me?
Do I need to tip the driver?