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March 2023 Changes to Service

Community Transit bus service changes will take place on March 19, 2023.

On March 19, Community Transit will reduce weekday service on nine bus routes. These changes will improve service by increasing reliability and eliminating most last-minute canceled bus trips. There will be no changes to weekend bus trips.

Sound Transit will also suspend service on Route 511. Service to Northgate Transit Center at Ash Way Park & Ride and Lynnwood Transit Center will be covered by Sound Transit Routes 512 and 513 during peak periods. Check the schedules for Routes 512 and 513 for new trip times.

There are minor time changes on most other routes as well. We encourage all riders to check the new 2023 route schedules.

Previews of schedules coming soon

Service schedules, maps, and the ability to plan future trips for the March Service Change will be available on Wednesday, March 1.

Routes with trip suspensions

Community Transit will suspend some weekday trips on the routes listed below.

This means there will be changes to the bus schedules. Check your route schedule for new bus times.

Check the new March 2023 route schedules

On most routes, we changed trip times slightly (by approximately 5 to 10 minutes) to improve connections and on-time service. A few routes have more significant changes to trip times.

To view the new bus schedules, go to:

  • Maps & Schedules to view the updated schedule for your route. Be sure to select the planned schedules for March 19.
  • Plan My Trip to check what time the bus is scheduled to get you where you need to go and plan your trip accordingly. Be sure to set the departure or arrival time to March 19 or later to see the new schedule.

Updated bus schedules will be posted at bus stops by March 19.

Why is Community Transit making these changes to bus service?

Community Transit is making these changes to bus service due to the national driver shortage. These changes:

  • Improve reliability for riders so you can count on the bus being there as scheduled.
  • Eliminate most last-minute canceled bus trips.
  • Focus on routes and trips with low ridership and/or high frequency to minimize impact on riders.

While we need to reduce service now, Community Transit is actively recruiting drivers to expand our service in time for light rail’s arrival in Snohomish County and beyond. Visit communitytransit.org/drive4us to learn more about full-time and part-time driver jobs.

How we considered your input

In November 2022, we asked for your input on the service change proposal. We received 66 comments. Your comments focused on three major themes:

  • Support for the service reductions, highlighting how they will allow for more reliable service during the driver shortage.
  • Resistance to reducing any service, especially with regards to the funding that Community Transit has available to operate full service.
  • Concerns about being about to get to and from work.

Based on public input, Community Transit revised the original plan to suspend service on the Everett Station-Seaway Transit Center segment of Routes 270, 271 and 280. These routes will continue to serve this segment. Please check the your route schedule, as we made minor adjustments to trip times.

We shared the comments with the Board of Directors on Dec. 1, when they approved the service change proposal. 

Get help planning your trip, or request printed schedules, by calling (425) 353-7433 (RIDE).
To track your bus in real-time, use Find My Bus (formerly BusFinder).
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