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Application Tips and FAQs

Below we answer the most-asked questions about our online application for the Bus Driver Trainee position. We also answer a few questions about the job. Don’t see an answer you  need? Contact HR at (425) 348-2315 or email

Bus Driver Application Tips

How do I fill out an online application?
How do I attach a file to my online application?
I was out of work-- how do I explain that on my application?
What do you mean by "Professional Reference?"
I've lost touch with my former bosses and no longer have their contact info. What do I do?
I need to make a change to my application? How do I do that?
I submitted my application. Did you get it? When are you going to call me?
How will you contact me to let me know the status of my application?

About Driving Abstracts/Records

When do I need to provide my driving abstract?
How do I get my driver's abstract?
My out-of-state abstract is going to take a few weeks to get here-- what do I do?
I have some things on my driving abstract. Will they disqualify me?

Licenses: Personal and Commercial (CDL)

I don't have a WA driver's license. Do I need one to apply?
I don't have a CDL-- can I still drive a bus?
I already have my CDL. Do I need to go through the entire training?

About the Bus Driver Trainee Job

How long does it take to advance to the top-salary step?
What kind of career advancement opportunities do you have?