Swift Orange Line: Another Swift Way to Ride

The new Swift Orange Line has arrived! Orange Line joins the Blue and Green Lines in the Swift bus rapid transit (BRT) network that serves Snohomish County.

Where it goes

Orange Line runs through Lynnwood on an east-west route between McCollum Park and Edmonds College. Take Orange Line to your favorite destinations, including:

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Swift Orange Line map

Orange Line connections

Swift Green bus parked at station
Connect to Swift Green & Swift Blue Lines
  • Orange Line shares a station with Blue Line at Highway 99 and 196th St. in Lynnwood.
  • Orange Line shares stations with Green Line at Bothell-Everett Highway in Mill Creek.
A rider exiting the bus at Ash Way Park and Ride
Connect to local transit hubs
Zip Shuttle van
Connect to local transit options
Young passenger exiting light rail
Connect to Link light rail this fall
  • Take Orange Line to light rail in Lynnwood when it opens on August 30, 2024.
  • When you pay with an ORCA card to ride Orange Line, you only have to pay once. Your fare can be transferred to ride light rail within a two-hour window.

Swift: A better bus experience

Orange Line joins the Swift Blue and Green Lines as the third Swift line in Snohomish County. The new Swift line is just one part of the “Transit Changes in 2024 and Beyond” expansion plan. 

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Buses come every 10 minutes on weekdays

Swift is like light rail on wheels — buses stop at every station and are so frequent, you don’t need a schedule. Buses come every 10–12 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes during evenings and weekend. 

Rapid boarding

Rapid boarding & seamless service

To keep things moving swiftly, riders pay at the station before boarding at any door. Fares can be paid with an ORCA card or at a ticket kiosk with cash or credit card. Swift buses only stop for about 10 seconds at each station. Signal priority technology and bus lanes keep Swift running quickly through traffic. 

Accessible service for all riders

Service for all

All Swift stations are accessible and Swift buses can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, and bikes.  All buses have low floors, with only one step from the ground to the main floor. Announcements are made for every Swift stop. 

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Station upgrades & real-time information

Newly designed stations along Orange Line include rain shelters, improved lighting, and additional seating. Digital signs display real-time information about when the next bus will arrive. 

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ORCA savings & reduced fares

Swift fare is the same as other local bus fare and riders never pay more than $2.50 per ride. Reduced fares are available for riders 65 and older, riders with disabilities, Medicare cardholders, and people from low-income households. Youth 18 and younger ride free. When you pay using an ORCA card, your fare payment can be transferred between rides on buses and light rail for two hours after you first use your card.