News / Published on Jul 7, 2023

Zip Alderwood Shuttle approaches major milestone

What’s next for Zip?

A Community Transit Zip Alderwood shuttle van parked on a residential street in Lynnwood WA.

The Zip Alderwood Shuttle is a one-year pilot running through October 2023. On the first day of Zip service last year, 14 people took a ride. In June, we hit 138 trips in a single day! With more than 20,000 boardings and 1,000 unique customers, we can tell you love Zip.

We are exploring continuing Zip beyond the pilot period. In August, you will have the opportunity to give input  on making the Zip Alderwood Shuttle regular service beyond October 2023.

The Zip pilot is part of Community Transit’s Innovative Services program which brings new transportation options to you and your community. Innovative Services partners with local communities to test new transportation solutions. These programs often serve as a vital connection to existing transit systems, providing access closer to people's homes and destinations and expanding access to transit for more communities.

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