News / Published on Jul 11, 2023

Connecting you with your community through Innovative Services

Updates on Arlington, Darrington, and Lake Stevens transit pilot programs

A Community Transit Zip Shuttle car is parked on a residential street.

Community Transit’s Innovative Services brings new transportation solutions to you and your community. You may have used Zip Alderwood Shuttle in Lynnwood; we’re here to update you on the latest about Innovative Services.

From needs to solutions in Arlington, Darrington, and Lake Stevens

Our latest pilot programs are in development in Arlington, Darrington, and Lake Stevens. We selected these communities after considering population density, access to jobs, demographics, and current access to transit services. In combination with the Zip Alderwood Shuttle pilot, these test programs will give us a great picture of how different types of  services work in cities large and small, urban and rural.

 In each community, we partner with a Community Working Group. The Community Working Groups have members from the local community, non-profits, and businesses. We also conducted a Needs Assessment survey to better understand how people travel in these communities. We heard from more than 1,400 respondents from these communities (615 in Arlington, 212 in Darrington, and 601 in Lake Stevens). To those who completed the survey, thank you for your valuable input! 

We analyzed the results from the survey and shared them with the Community Working Groups. These groups helped us identify transportation needs statements for each community. Next, we will develop proposed transportation solutions using the needs statements, survey data, and other transportation data.

This fall, members of these communities will have the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed transportation solutions. If you live in Arlington, Darrington, or Lake Stevens, keep an eye out for a postcard in your mailbox with a link to the survey.