News / Published on Jul 12, 2023

New Swift signs coming soon— tell us what you think

Digital on-board signs will provide helpful information

Digital signage installed on the ceiling of a Community  Transit bus. The agency is testing two types of signs and is asking customers for feedback.

At Community Transit, we do everything we can to make your trip easy. Right now, we are testing digital signs on some Swift buses, and we want to know what you think about them. We think these signs will improve your bus riding experience by displaying useful information such as:

  • Route name
  • Upcoming stops and departure times
  • Information on transferring to other lines
  • Rider alerts

There are two different types of signs that are being considered. You can see what they look like and learn more about how they might help you navigate your trip more easily. Then you can take a short survey to tell us what you think. Here are links to the two different signs and the surveys:

Sign Survey 1

Sign Survey 2

Thank you for your help as we work to get you the information you need when you’re riding Swift! Click here to learn more about Swift, Community Transit’s bus rapid transit lines, including how to ride this fast and frequent service.