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About Swift

A Community Transit Swift bus.

Swift is a different kind of bus service that is designed to get you there fast. With Swift bus rapid transit you can hop on and off along the route to get to places in your community, or you can make connections that will take you to work, school, or play.

New to Swift? Learn how to ride Swift and plan a trip that works for you!

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Move at the Speed of Swift

  • It’s frequent — Buses arrive every 10–12 minutes on weekdays and every 15–20 minutes on early mornings, evenings, and weekends. You don’t even need a schedule. Just get on and get moving.

  • It’s fast — Buses stop for about 10 seconds per station. You pay your fare at the station, then board at any of the three doors.

  • It features signal priority technology — Swift routes feature special bus signals and bypass lanes to keep buses on a swift schedule.

  • It uses real-time information — The next bus sign tells you when your bus will arrive.

  • It’s accessible for all — Station platforms are higher than a standard curb and nearly even with the floor of the bus making Swift fully accessible for wheelchairs, disabled passengers, bikes, strollers, and carts.

  • It even has onboard bike racks  Just roll your bike through the rear door and onto a rack (it’s that easy).

Swift Service graphic 2022

Connections You Can Count On

Whether you’re going across your neighborhood or across the region, our Swift bus rapid transit network connects you to the places you want to go. Ready to plan a trip? Let our Trip Planner do the work for you.

Swift Blue Line

Runs between Everett Station and Aurora Village Transit Center in Shoreline. Connects with Swift Green Line at Hwy 99 & Airport Road.

Swift Green Line

Runs between Seaway Transit Center in Everett and Canyon Park Park & Ride in Bothell. Connects with Swift Blue Line at Hwy 99 & Airport Road.

A map of the Blue and Green Swift bus routes. The Blue Line route spans Highway 99 from Aurora Village in Shoreline up to Everett Station. The Green Line runs along Highway 527 between Canyon Park & Ride to Seaway Transit Center near Paine Field in Everett.

The Future is Swift

Additional lines of Swift are in the works to create even more connections and more opportunities to keep you moving. Swift Orange Line will connect with Sound Transit Link light rail at Lynnwood Transit Center in 2024. Swift Blue Line will also extend in 2024 to meet Link light rail at 185th Street in Shoreline. To get updates on these projects, sign up for Swift Network News or visit the Swift Orange Line project page.

A map of the planned Swift Orange Route.