News / Published on Feb 1, 2024

There’s the bus and…something else?

Survey looks at new transit options for several communities

Zip Alderwood Shuttle van

Maybe you’ve taken a ride on a bus. But have you ever wondered if there could be other easy and affordable ways to get around? At Community Transit, we are looking into just that.

In a recent survey sent out in three communities – Arlington, Darrington, and Lake Stevens – we asked about potential new services that could help meet people’s unique needs in these areas.

Proposed solutions that might be tested in these areas include an on-demand, shared-ride service, also known in the industry as microtransit. Community Transit already operates Zip, a successful shared-ride service in the Alderwood area of Lynnwood. Another proposed option would allow people to reserve a van to drive in their community.

It turns out, people really want to talk about new travel options! In total, Community Transit received more than 1,200 responses to the survey. We thank everyone who took the survey and shared it with others.

Your feedback is important in helping us understand a community’s needs and preferences so that we can create a transportation pilot that meets the unique needs of people in Arlington, Darrington and Lake Stevens.

Staff at Community Transit are reviewing the feedback we received. This spring, we will share the results of the survey. Based on the feedback, we will decide which new service to pilot in each community. Please stay tuned for more information and updates in the next several months.