News / Published on Mar 28, 2024

Look Up! New Station Signs on the Swift Orange Line

How to use new digital kiosks and signs to catch the right bus

The Swift Orange Line opens March 30, and with the Swift bus rapid transit (BRT) network expanding, there are some stops that Swift Orange and Green lines share. There is also one Orange Line station serving both eastbound and westbound routes at Ash Way Park & Ride.

Community Transit wants to make sure you hop on the right bus, so we’ve installed new digital kiosks and overhead signs at all Swift Orange Line stations to make sure you get to where you want to be.

Get on the right bus

Swift Orange Line shares three stations with Swift Green Line at these locations:

  • Trillium Blvd (eastbound and westbound)
  • 153rd St SE (eastbound and westbound)
  • 164th St (westbound)

Check the bus

When a Swift bus is pulling into a shared stop, check the sign on the front of the bus above the windshield to see whether it’s the Orange or Green Line. We call that a headsign. You should also check the headsign on buses at the Swift Ash Way Station to see if your bus is heading eastbound to McCollum Park or westbound to Edmonds College. Be sure to get on the right bus!

Two Swift buses with

Digital information kiosk

The new digital information kiosks installed at each station on the Orange Line show riders what you need to know to help you on your commute. The upper portion of the kiosk displays:

  • The Swift System Map, which highlights which line you are on, and a “you are here” marker showing which station you’re at along the line.
  • The Route Bar, which shows information like the previous stop (in grey), which station you’re at (an open circle), what direction you’re heading, and estimated times of arrival at those stations.

The lower section of the kiosk displays rotating information:

  • Service Alerts to keep you updated on potential delays or cancellations.
  • QR codes to open Community Transit’s Trip Planner on your mobile device.
  • Community Transit’s Customer Care phone number for support.
  • Other information like Community Transit’s Rules of Conduct.

ORCA readers and New Ticket Vending Machines at the station

When you ride any Swift line, you pay before you board. ORCA readers are machines at the stations where you can quickly pay your fare with your ORCA card. Just tap at the station reader and you’re ready to board. You get a two-hour transfer credit for the fare you paid after you tap. ORCA card reader at Swift stationTicket vending machine

Have cash or debit? New Ticket Vending Machines on the Orange Line are touch screen and have an updated, more user-friendly interface. If you’re paying for a ticket by cash and don’t have exact change, the new machines will dispense a voucher instead of change.

You can use that voucher the next time you pay for a ride. You can also use a credit card to buy a ticket.

Tickets are valid for 90 minutes on Swift buses only.

New overhead digital signs

The upgraded overhead signs at Swift Orange Line stations display the next bus arrivals, their final destinations, and estimated departure time. Use this overhead sign to know which Swift bus will be pulling up next.

An overhead digital sign at a Swift Station

Audible alerts coming soon

Not only do Swift stations have visual ways of showing you which bus is coming next, but in the future, voice alerts will tell riders the estimated departure time for their bus.

These improvements aren’t just for the Orange Line; Swift Blue and Green Lines will be retrofitted with new signage and Ticket Vending Machines later this year.

See the full route map and more information at our Swift Orange Line webpage.