News / Published on Apr 10, 2024

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Take our survey and let us know how we did with the March 30 service communications.

Young woman wearing headphones holds a handle while riding the bus. She smiles as she looks at her mobile phone.For many years, service changes at Community Transit included minor schedule adjustments or adding more trips to existing routes. On occasion, we introduced new service,  like the Swift Blue Line in 2009 and Swift Green Line in 2019.

Our recent service change on March 30 was the agency’s first significant service change in many years. It included the addition of the Swift Orange Line, new Routes 114, 166, and 120, and the elimination of Routes 115, 116, and 196. With the launch of Link light rail and the opening of the Lynnwood City Center on September 14, another major service change is on the horizon.

South Snohomish County, in particular, will have:

  • More travel options in the county
  • More regional connections and
  • Changes to many bus routes and schedules

There will be a lot of information to share with you! Because of this, we want to know how you learned about our recent service changes.

By taking this survey, you will let us know how we did for the March 30 changes. Your feedback will help us find ways to best communicate with you moving forward.

Thanks in advance for helping us learn how to best inform you about the exciting changes coming to Snohomish County public transit.


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