News / Published on May 10, 2024

50,355 boardings on Swift Orange Line during first month of service

Ridership continues to increase across Community Transit services
People boarding the Swift Orange Line at the Lynnwood Transit Center.

On March 30, 2024, Community Transit launched Swift Orange Line, our third bus rapid transit (BRT) line. Swift Orange Line runs through Lynnwood on an east-west route between McCollum Park and Edmonds College. Orange Line joins the Swift Blue and Green lines and is a speedy way to get around Snohomish County — buses stop at every station, and come every 10–12 minutes on weekdays and every 15-20 minutes evenings and weekends.

People love riding the Orange Line, and it has helped lift ridership across the system. Ridership data shows Swift is Community Transit’s most used service. Here are some of the highlights from April:

  • During its first month in service, Swift Orange Line recorded 50,355 boardings.
  • Across all Community Transit bus service, ridership was up 23% over April 2023.
  • Throughout April, there have been more than 27,000 average weekday boardings on Community Transit buses.

During the last week of April 2024:

  • Blue Line had 6,320 average weekday boardings.
  • Green Line Line had 2,657 average weekday boardings. 
  • Orange Line had 1,943 average weekday boardings.
A graphic of displaying the same information that is listed in this story about Swift bus ridership.

Swift service continues to be Community Transit’s most popular service.

  • In March 2024, Swift Blue Line and Swift Green Line accounted for 37% of boardings on Community Transit bus services.
  • In April 2024, after the addition of Swift Orange Line, Swift boardings accounted for 44% of boardings on Community Transit bus services. The new Swift Orange Line is just one part of the Transit Changes in 2024 and Beyond expansion plan. Upcoming developments include more travel options for riders, enhanced transit connections across the region, and increased bus services operating at higher frequencies within local communities.

2024 is a year full of changes for Community Transit. With light rail coming to Snohomish County, ridership is expected to grow rapidly on the Swift Orange and Swift Blue lines as they will connect riders directly to light rail stations.