Riders load their bike on a bus bike rack

What are bike lockers? 

Bike lockers through Community Transit are a secure, weatherproof way to store your bike at a park & ride while you complete your trip on a bus, carpool, or vanpool. These are on-demand bike locker rentals, available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Bike lockers can be rented by the hour, anytime, with no long-term commitments. The lockers are available at park & rides and transit centers across our service area.

Bike racks are also available at various park & rides.

How to use on-demand bike lockers

  • Get a BikeLink card or pay via the BikeLink app.
    Buy a BikeLink card with a minimum $20 of stored value through the BikeLink website or by calling 1-888-540-0546. You can also get a pre-loaded $20 BikeLink card from the Ride Store. Or you can download the BikeLink app for Apple or Android and pay in $5 increments. The card gives you access (first come, first served) to any locker in the BikeLink system, including King County Metro locations and a growing number of Sound Transit locations.
  • Park your bike.
    Bike to a transit location with BikeLink lockers. Insert your card into a reader and follow the instructions on the screen to open an available locker and park your bike. Tip: Wheel your bike backward because the locker is wider at the front for your handlebars.
  • Pay automatically.
    Set the amount of parking time you need, plus a little extra. Five cents per hour will be deducted automatically from your BikeLink card only for the amount of time you actually use. If your bike stays longer than the time set, the fee will be 12 cents per hour for the excess time.
  • Hop on transit and go!
    You can rent a BikeLink locker for up to 10 consecutive days at a time. If you leave your bike longer than 14 days, the bike is considered abandoned and will be removed. Add money to your BikeLink stored-value card through the BikeLink website.

Start using a bike locker now

No time to get a card? Download the BikeLink app and load funds immediately to start renting. When using the app, you can add a minimum of $5 to start. All of Community Transit's bike lockers can be paid using the app, but some BikeLink lockers outside of our area may not accept payment via the app. Search online to find lockers that accept payment using the app. 

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Bike locker locations

Community Transit operated lockers