Book your next trip with the Community Transit DART app

Booking your ride with DART just got easier! Manage all of your DART transportation needs anytime, anywhere with the Community Transit DART mobile app. 

With the Community Transit DART app, you can:
  • Book a new trip.
  • Cancel a scheduled trip.
  • Check where your ride is on a map.
  • Get real-time updates that use GPS to let you know where your ride is.
  • Get notifications about your trip when things change.

The power to manage all of your DART needs is right at your fingertips with the easy-to-use app. Enjoy more freedom and control over your personal mobility.

Get started

To get started with the app:

  • Search for “Community Transit DART” in the app store on your phone or click one of the links below:
Apple App Store badge
Google Play Store badge
  • Download the app. 
  • You will need an account to log in to the app. You will also need a valid email address to set up an account. To set up a new account for the app, please call DART customer care.  
    (425) 347-5912 or TTY Relay: 711
    Press 4 to connect to someone who can help you set up an app account. 

  • A customer care representative will send you an email to set up your app profile.
  • Look for an email from “” titled “Self-Service: please set your password.” Check your spam filter if the email does not arrive. 
  • Follow the link and instructions to set up a password for your app account, and you'll be all set to log in and get started. 

Before booking your trip:

  • Before you can use DART, you must first qualify for eligibility.
  • Trips should be booked between one and seven days in advance. Next-day trips should be booked before 5 p.m. on weekdays and before 4:30 p.m. on weekends and holidays.
  • Confirm that your profile information is correct, including your home address.
  • Have the drop-off and pick-up location addresses, times, and dates ready when you book your trip.
  • Have the number of passengers who will be riding with you on your trip. Fares apply for each additional passenger.

Questions and answers

  1. Log in to the app and click the blue “book a new trip” button to schedule your trip.
  2. Select the travel date and time for either the pick-up or drop-off locations.
  3. Enter the drop-off address for your trip. 
  4. Enter the pick-up address for your trip. 
  5. Select the purpose of your trip. 
  6. Select the number of other passengers accompanying you.
  7. Before you finish booking, confirm that all of the information selected is correct. 
  8. Select "book trip" to schedule your trip.
  9. When you book a trip, you will be prompted to book a return trip. Repeat the same process as above for your return trip. Remember there must be at least 45 minutes between the time you are dropped off at your destination and your next trip.
  10. Check the  “upcoming”  tab under  “trip destinations”  to see the details about the trips you have booked. 

    Please note that you cannot schedule transfers to other services through the app. Please call to schedule a trip that includes transfers.

When booking a ride with the app, you are limited to bringing:

  •  1 personal care attendant
  •  1 companion
  •  2 or fewer children

    Please call if you have questions about booking passengers through the app.
  • Cancel rides as soon as you know that you will not be taking them. Please cancel at least two hours before your pick-up window begins.
  • In the coming trips window, select any trip you would like to cancel for the same day. 
  • Click “confirm cancel” to cancel your trip. 
  • You can see return trips, as well as the pick-up and drop-off times and locations for each trip under this tab.
  • If you see the icon of a phone next to the trip, you must call the agency to confirm pick-up.
  • Real-time data in the app also shows you how far away your ride is on a map so you know when to expect your ride. Please be ready when your ride arrives. 
  • To find the map, look at “upcoming trips” on the app.  Choose today’s trip. Use the map to view the bus location. 
Please call DART customer care to update your account information. Your account information cannot be updated through the app profile feature. 
Fares cannot be paid through the app.

Fares will be collected at the time of boarding the bus. Remember that you are required to have the exact fare for each trip. Drivers cannot provide change. 

Call DART Customer Care:

  • to book a transfer trip.
  • to book more than the allowed number of passengers for your trip.
  • for next-day trips.
  • for subscription trips. 
  • to make changes to your profile information.