DART  Vehicle

Accessible, reliable, and on-demand

DART (Dial-A-Ride Transportation) is an on-demand ride sharing service that provides transportation for Snohomish County residents who cannot access or use Community Transit’s fixed-route bus service due to a disability or condition.

DART is like the fixed-route bus service but with more flexibility. DART users ride with other people and can be delivered within 3/4 of a mile of our local fixed-route bus service. Hours for using DART are limited to the same schedule as the buses traveling in the service area.

Who can use DART?

To qualify, DART paratransit riders must be 6 years or older, and must meet the criteria as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Qualified DART riders have one or more disabilities that prevents them from:

  • Getting to or from a fixed-route bus stop
  • Waiting for a fixed-route bus
  • Getting on or off a fixed-route bus
  • Being able to ride a fixed-route bus or to understand and follow transit instructions

How do I apply to use DART?

All riders applying for paratransit must meet with an Eligibility Specialist for an assessment interview to ensure that paratransit is the right transit option for them. 

Assessment interviews are customized to each person’s mobility, sensory, and cognitive ability. During the interview, you will be asked about your experience riding transit, and may be asked to do activities to check your balance, strength, coordination, and range of motion.

Please note that the rider assessment interview may take one-to-two hours to complete. Be sure to dress for comfort and the weather as activities may take place outdoors.

To schedule a Rider Assessment Interview, please call 425-347-5912.


What do I need to apply for DART?

Here is a list of helpful information to bring to your interview:

  • Contact phone numbers
  • Home address and mailing address
  • Emergency contact information
  • Health care provider names and contact information
  • Information about all mobility and medical devices that you use when traveling
  • If your vision is impaired, a Visual Acuity of Field of Vision Statement from your vision care provider
  • If you have a psychiatric condition, a diagnosis and statement from your mental health care provider

Additional information may be requested on a case-by-case basis.

Optional information:
  • Supplemental information from your healthcare or disability service provider regarding your ability to use fixed-route bus service
  • Any information you have about where you hope to travel regularly and bus stops or transit centers near you

You will be notified by mail of the eligibility determination within 21 calendar days of completion of the assessment process. You may appeal the determination if you disagree with it.

How do I schedule a DART trip?

Before you can use or book a trip with DART, you must first qualify for eligibility.

There are two ways to schedule a DART trip:

You may request trips for the next day and up to seven days in advance. Be sure to request round-trip service if needed.

Using DART

Call DART to cancel or reschedule your ride as soon as you know you do not need it. The earlier you cancel, the more service we can provide to other passengers.

If you miss your trip, DART will count it as a “No-Show”. Repeated No-Shows and Late Cancellations can result in suspension of your DART service. 

If you miss your initial trip, the return trip will remain scheduled. If you do not want the return trip, please call DART to cancel.

  • We may need to schedule your pick-up time up to one hour earlier or later than requested.
  • When you book a trip, you are given a 30-minute window when you can expect DART to arrive. Be ready for your trip at the start of your 30-minute window. The driver cannot wait longer than 5 minutes once they arrive to pick you up. 
  • During the trip, the DART vehicle may make several stops to let other customers on or off before getting to your destination. Your trip on DART will take about as long as it would on the regular fixed-route bus.

DART will transport passengers in mobility devices if they meet our safety standards and can be accommodated by our equipment. Your safety is our priority. 

The combined weight of the user, mobility device and all belongings and accessories cannot exceed the capacity of the lift (most lifts have a capacity between 600 and 800 pounds). Your mobility device must not extend into the aisle after being secured.

Please ensure your wheelchair or other mobility device is in good working condition. If we determine your mobility device is unsafe, we will discuss your travel options with you.

DART transports passengers who use portable medical equipment, such as oxygen. For your safety, the driver cannot carry the equipment or help you use any other life support equipment. If you are not able to carry it or use it by yourself, someone must travel with you to assist with these needs. You must be able to either hold your equipment, or the equipment must be secured on the vehicle.
Please tell DART when you request your trip if a pet or service animal will travel with you.

A service animal must be under the control of its handler at all times. A service animal must have a harness, leash, or other tether.

If the handler is unable to use a harness, leash or other tether because of a disability, the service animal must be otherwise under the handler's control (for example: voice control, signals, or other effective means).

Small pets may travel with their owners if they are in a suitable pet carrier. Larger pets must be on a leash and have a commercially produced muzzle that covers the mouth.

Animals and carriers must be at the handler's feet, out of the aisle, and cannot occupy a seat.
You may request a trip for the next day and up to seven days in advance. Be sure to request round-trip service if needed. 

When scheduling days in advance, we recommend that you call back the day before your ride to confirm your scheduled times.

Multiple trips in the same day must be scheduled at least 45 minutes apart. 

If you need a trip for the next day, DART will only guarantee that trip if you call before 5 p.m. on weekdays and before 4:30 p.m. on weekends and holidays. If you request a trip for the next day after these times, DART will schedule it only if space is available.
  • Your name and phone number
  • The date of your planned trip
  • Your complete pickup address, including apartment or complex name, unit number or business name
  • The complete address and phone number of where you are going, in case we need to reach you regarding your return trip
  • Your cell phone number if you have one
  • Your desired arrival and pick-up times
  • When you would like to be picked up for your return trip
  • Anything that you are bringing with you that we should be aware of, such as medical devices, or mobility devices. 
  • Anyone you are bringing with you, such as personal care attendants, service animals, pets, or other passengers. 

You must pay a fare or show a valid pass each time you ride a DART vehicle. Paying for an advance ride is not allowed. Youth (18 years and younger) ride free.

To pay your fare, DART accepts:

Where to pay your fare:

Drivers are unable to provide change, so please bring exact fare if paying with cash

If you are connecting to other transit services, an ORCA card is recommended. Any person who has a disability or is 65 years or older may get a Regional Reduced Fare Permit ORCA card. Whether or not you use this card to pay your fare, having it allows you to ride public transit buses and the Washington State Ferries throughout the Puget Sound Region at a discounted fare. You must show your Regional Reduced Fare Permit ORCA card when boarding a bus in order to pay with reduced fare.

When traveling long distances you may need to transfer to a paratransit system in other areas to finish your trip.

You can connect with other regional paratransit services such as:

  • King County ACCESS
  • Everett Paratransit
  • Island Paratransit
  • Kitsap Transit Access
  • Skagit Transit Dial-A-Ride
Call DART and we can help arrange the whole trip for you.

When you transfer to other paratransit systems in the Puget Sound area, you only need to pay a fare to the agency you are registered with.

A Subscription Ride (also known as a standing ride) is a reservation for a regularly scheduled trip. If you need a trip at the same time, on the same day(s) of the week, to the same place, call DART to set up a Subscription Ride.


If you are approved for a Subscription Ride, DART will notify you of your ongoing ride times. You do not need to call again to book those trips; however, your standing ride pickup time may vary day to day.

If your request for a Subscription Ride is not approved, you will need to call each time to book your individual trips.


Please let us know as soon as possible when plans change. Your Subscription Ride may be stopped if it is frequently canceled or changed.

Subscription Rides do not run on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Personal Care Attendant

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is someone who travels with a passenger who cannot travel alone. If you need a PCA to travel with you on DART, be sure to note this on your DART application and in your eligibility interview. DART does not provide Personal Care Attendants. The driver cannot serve as your attendant.

The PCA rides free and must get on and off at the same time and place as the passenger. 

Other companions

You may have one, or more companion ride with you if space is available. Adult riders must pay the same fare as you and get on and off at the same time and place as you.

Children must be with a responsible, DART-eligible adult, and may board only when the passenger is ready to board. Please let us know when scheduling your trip if any children will be riding with you. Children and youth younger than 19 ride free.