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What is Vanpool? 

Community Transit’s Vanpool Program makes getting to work easy, reliable and affordable. We provide the van and you provide the community.

Community Transit’s Vanpool Program provides safe, reliable vans so groups can commute together to save time, money and the planet. One low monthly fare covers all expenses needed to keep your van on the road, including gas, maintenance and vehicle insurance.

To qualify for a Community Transit Vanpool, your commute must start or end at a location within Snohomish County, Washington state.

Smarter. Faster. Affordable. 
Upgrade your commute in a comfortable van that we provide and maintain for you. Whether you join an existing vanpool or start one of your own, you’ll travel faster in HOV lanes, save money on gas and tolls, and always have a ride home — guaranteed. 

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Vanpool details

How many people ride in a van?

Our Vanpool fleet includes 7-, 12-, and 15-passenger vans. If you’re interested in starting a vanpool, you’ll need at least three riders, including a person willing to drive and one person to handle the simple bookkeeping. 

How do fares work?

Vanpool fares are based on your daily round trip miles and the size of your van, split by the number of riders.

Some employers will pay toward the cost of your fare. Check with your HR department to find out if you’re eligible for commuter vanpool benefits.

Calculate your Vanpool fare

What’s included in the fare?

We provide the van, gas, insurance, and most highway tolls. We provide your van with routine service and maintenance and give you a loaner van while it’s in the shop. Many workplaces provide preferred parking for our vans, too.

How are routes and pick-ups planned?

Routes and pick-up schedules are totally up to you and your van mates, so you can choose based on what works best for the group. If you’re joining an existing vanpool, you’ll be matched based on your location and schedule needs. 


Benefits of Vanpool

Less stress

Sitting in traffic and managing a daily commute on your own can be stressful. By commuting with others – leaving the driving to someone else — and traveling in the HOV lane, you’ll have less to worry about. 

New connections

Whether it’s coworkers, neighbors or others who work nearby, you’ll get to know some like-minded people. Most vanpoolers tell us this is their favorite part of vanpooling. 

Better for the environment

Not only do you reduce car traffic, but you also help reduce the emissions that are such a big part of climate change. Vanpools let you do your part while also enjoying many benefits. 


About the vans

What are the vans like?

All of our vans are newer models, well-maintained, with all of the safety features and comforts you’d expect, making them easy to drive.

Size options

Our current vanpool fleet includes 7-, 12-, and 15-passenger vans and even hybrid vans. Each van is on a regular maintenance schedule, so you can be confident of its reliability and safety. 

Bike racks

If you would like to make biking a part of your commute, bike racks are available for vans when requested. 


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