Swift Orange Line

Community Transit will expand Swift Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service in Snohomish County. Project development is underway for its Swift Orange Line.

The Swift Orange Line will be Community Transit’s third bus rapid transit line.

Swift Orange Line Connections

Swift Orange Line will connect with:

  • Link light rail at the future Lynnwood City Center Station, running on key east/west corridors in south Snohomish County
  • Swift Blue and Green Lines to enhance the efficiency of the local bus network and feed the regional Link light rail system
  • Edmonds Community College
  • Alderwood Mall
  • Ash Way Park and Ride
  • Mill Creek Town Center
  • McCollum Park Park & Ride

Project Milestones

  • Feasibility Study completed in Fall 2018
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approved start of Project Development (Environmental, Design, Engineering) in Winter 2018
  • Rating submittal to FTA Capital Investment Grant program to take place in late Summer 2019
  • Estimated project construction from 2021-2023
  • Estimated start of service in Spring 2024


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Swift Orange Line Corridor Map

Updated June 26, 2019

Integrated Future Swift Network Map September 2019