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Share your commute in a Community Transit van.

Community Transit's Vanpool program makes getting to work easy, reliable and affordable. We provide the van and you provide the community.

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Note: The video above does not reflect the most current Vanpool requirements. As of August 1, 2022, Community Transit is lowering the ridership minimum to 3 people per vanpool. Also, if your vanpool is commuting three days a week or fewer, you may now purchase a 3-day fare beginning on Aug. 1. 

What is a Vanpool?

Community Transit’s Vanpool program provides safe, reliable vans so groups can commute together to save time, money and the planet. One low monthly fare covers all expenses needed to keep your van on the road, including gas, maintenance and insurance.

To qualify for a Community Transit Vanpool, your commute must start or end at a location within Snohomish County, Washington State.

How much does Vanpool cost? 

Many factors determine the monthly fare Vanpool riders pay, such as the number of passengers in your van and how long your commute is. Learn more about how Vanpool fares work.

Total Estimated Monthly Cost of Van:

Your Share:


Why Vanpool?

Vanpool makes getting to work easy, reliable and affordable. Form your own community and share the commute safely, with flexible options and a monthly rate that covers all vehicle costs.

  • Ride with people you know
    Share a ride with people you choose who have a similar commute — neighbors, coworkers, friends and family members.

  • Enjoy flexibility
    Meet your commute needs with a schedule and route that works for your group. Ask about our flexible options for physical distancing.

  • Relax knowing we’ve got you covered
    Your monthly fare covers everything — a comfortable and clean van, gas, insurance, maintenance, and a ride home in case of  emergency.

  • Save time & money
    Travel faster in carpool lanes, get preferred parking at many work sites, enjoy priority ferry boarding, avoid tolls and more. Avoid the expense and hassle of another car out on the road.

Get Started

Whether you want to join a current Vanpool, start a new one, or just learn more about your options, we can help you get started.

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