Vanpool Program


What is a Vanpool?

A vanpool is a better way to commute.  It’s an organized group of 5-15 people making their daily trip to/from work in a Community Transit owned van. The group decides the route and the schedule.  Community Transit vanpools must start or end in Snohomish County. 


Why Vanpool?


Save Money

Save wear and tear on your own vehicle by using our van to commute. All fuel, insurance, maintenance, and most tolls are included as part of the program. As a bonus, some personal automotive insurance providers offer discounts to their clients for participating in a vanpool program.


Preferred HOV/Carpool parking at most work sites

Most employers offer convenient carpool/vanpool/HOV parking


Faster Commute

HOV lane use on all major roadways including hot lanes (I-405).


You set the schedule, route, and meet-up locations

Recruit co-workers, neighbors, or other interested parties to form a group.  Your group determines the route, the timing, and the meet-up locations.


Never be worried about being stranded at work!

You are eligible to receive a Guaranteed Ride Home through our vanpool program and/or your employer.  These are to be used during instances of illness, sick children, unscheduled overtime, etc.


Reduce StressVanPoolRiders

Enjoy free time to sleep, read, or relax as someone else drivers.


Save the environment

Less single occupant vehicles on the road means less pollution!


Share the Commute

Get to know your coworkers and neighbors. Enjoy conversations and friendship.


To find out more, contact one of our vanpool coordinators listed below. Or call the general Vanpool office line at (425) 438-2867.

Andrea England,, (425) 438-2827
Diane Kinnear,, (425) 348-2397
Nancy Lamus,, (425) 348-7150
Sonja Thorkildsen,, (425) 438-2926
Kristen Ryan,, (425) 348-7196


Vanpool Forms

Current Riders

  1. Vanpool Agreement
  2. Vanpool Operator Agreement


Potential Riders

  1. Formation Checklist
  2. General Program Info
  3. Vanpool FAQ
  4. Vanpool Fare Schedule
  5. Vanpooling Benefits


Vanpool Driver Eligibility

All vanpool drivers must have at least 5 years verifiable driving experience and possess a valid WA state driver’s license. Drivers will be asked during the training process to provide a copy of their volunteer driving abstract.  At that time, a vanpool coordinator will review the abstract for infractions and assign points to their application file to determine driver eligibility. All driver training is completed online.