Blog / Published on Jan 24, 2024

Get ready: Route and schedule changes coming March 30

What you need to know about upcoming service changes
A woman holding her child crosses the street in front of a bus.

2024 will be a year of big changes to Community Transit service as we prepare for the arrival of light rail in Snohomish County later this year. The initial phase of changes starts March 30. Bus service is changing to offer riders faster travel times and more frequent service.

The March 30 service changes will impact many people, particularly in south Snohomish County, so it’s important to stay in-the-know about what is coming. Even if your route is not changing, there may be a slight change in the time your bus comes. Below is a sneak peek of the upcoming changes.

Introducing the Swift Orange Line

One of the most exciting changes is the launch of the Swift Orange Line which will provide east-west travel between Mill Creek and Lynnwood. It will stop at key destinations like McCollum Park, 164th St. SW, Alderwood Mall, Lynnwood Transit Center, and Edmonds College. It will also connect to the Zip Alderwood Shuttle in Lynnwood, making neighborhood connections easy. Later this year, the Swift Orange Line will connect to light rail when it gets to Lynnwood. Learn more here.

New bus routes will be added

Also on March 30, three new bus routes will be added to expand transit services in Snohomish County. These are Route 102 (Edmonds-Lynnwood), Route 114 (Aurora Village-Lynnwood), and Route 166 (Edmonds-Silver Firs). These routes were created to better serve their communities, incorporating feedback from Community Transit riders. Learn more about the new routes here.

Some bus routes will be replaced

Some Community Transit bus routes will be going away because new routes will replace them. The three discontinued routes are Route 115 (McCollum Park – Aurora Village), Route 116 (Silver Firs – Edmonds), and Route 196 (Ash Way – Edmonds.) If you currently ride one of these routes, be prepared to take a new route. Learn how to find your new route here.

Some bus routes will be changed

Finally, some routes will be changing on March 30. Route 120 (Canyon Park – Edmonds College) will not serve the stops between Lynnwood Transit Center and Edmonds College, because this will be covered by the new Swift Orange Line. Additionally, the northern portion of Route 202 (Smokey Point – Lynnwood) will be adjusted to serve the new commercial and residential development that is north of 152nd St. NE in Arlington. Learn more here.

More information coming soon

Stay tuned for more details as  we approach the March 30 service change. On or after Feb. 5, visit the Service Changes page of the website to learn more about the upcoming route and scheduled changes. We will also be posting a series of articles in the News and Events section of the website to further explain these changes and how to stay in touch with your service. We look forward to expanding transit options for riders across Snohomish County!