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Bus Seat Availability

Community Transit's bus seat availability tool will help determine if your bus trip has seats available. The results shown are based on all seats for each bus.

This tool relies on information gathered over the past two weeks. The results shown are not real-time.

1. Select a route
2. Select a direction
3. Select a day

* All three entries are required

What do the colors mean?

  • Green = Seats open (bus is up to 35% full)
  • Yellow = Limited seats (bus is 35-85% full)
  • Red = Seats full (bus is more than 85% full)
  • Gray = Route is not in service


Bus Seat Availability FAQ

What does this webpage do?
What do I do if it says seats are full?
Is this real-time information?
Why is a route green, but when I click on a time some of the route is yellow or red?
What if I have trouble seeing different colors?