New Service Starts September 24, 2017

New Boeing route from south Snohomish County, route extensions, and more Seattle trips highlight September service expansion.

Community Transit is increasing bus service by 6 percent this fall, including two routes that will serve the Boeing-Paine Field area from south  Snohomish County.

The service expansion will improve transit connections throughout the county,  add more weekday trips to Seattle and the University District, and add more  trips on Sundays.

The new changes go into effect Sunday, September 24.

Download a PDF of the September 2017 BusPlus Book or view an online preview of September Schedules.

Trip Planner has been updated with September Service Change schedules, so go ahead and plan those future bus trips!

Guide to Service Change Cover

September 2017 Service

Route 105
Route 107 (New Route)
Route 115
Route 196
Route 209
Route 277
Route 280
Downtown Seattle / University of Washington
Sunday Service
DART Paratransit Expansion