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BusFinder provides real-time bus information on your mobile device

Community Transit's web app, BusFinder, was introduced in the spring of 2014. Its claim to fame was its use of real-time information to show the location of our buses and their departure times.

Over time, improved technology and better GPS data from our buses compelled us to rebuild BusFinder from the ground up. Months of BETA testing by customers and staff lead to launching a new BusFinder on July 1, 2020.

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25 Reasons Why the New BusFinder is Better

General Improvements
More Ways to Search
Favorites: Make Them Truly Your Own
Maps That Interact With You
Bus Location: When, Where and How Far
Schedule Information

BusFinder FAQs

Do I need to download BusFinder?
Does BusFinder work on any phone/device/computer?
What do I need to try BusFinder?
I already use another real-time app. Why should I use BusFinder?
How do I save Routes/Stops in BusFinder?
How do I delete a saved Route or Stop in BusFinder?
How do I use GPS/Location-based search in BusFinder?
What happens to the Favorites I have saved in the current BusFinder?
How do I find my bus?
Do I need to allow BusFinder to know my location in order to use it?
Why would the “current location” listed not match where I am?
Do I need to refresh the page to get updated real-time information?
Why don’t I see my saved favorites?
How do I re-center the map on my current location?
How can I view real-time traffic information on the map?