People getting on to a double decker Community Transit bus

Getting you where you need to be

Our vision is travel made easy for all, and that starts with getting you the information you need. Our Rider Guides can help you plan your trip,  explore your options, and stay updated. 

How to plan a trip

All you need is a location and a destination and Plan My Trip (formerly Trip Planner) will show you route options to get you there.
Graphic for Plan My Trip
How to use Plan My Trip

Start by entering a starting point and an ending point. You can also plan a future trip.

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Graphic for Find My Ride
How to use Find My Bus

Wondering where your bus is or how much time you have to catch it? Find My Bus has answers! Real-time GPS data keeps you updated. 

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Graphic for Maps & Schedules
How to use Maps & Schedules

Find the right bus for you based on route number, city, or community.

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Graphic for Rider Alerts
Stay updated with Rider Alerts

Rider Alerts are sent when a bus is more than 10 minutes delayed, a trip is cancelled, or a trip is rerouted. Sign up to make sure you get the updates you need.

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Other trip planning tools:  Google Maps  •  One Bus Away  •  Transit App
Other trip planning tools  Google Maps  •  One Bus Away  •  Transit App

How to ride

We offer local and commuter bus service, Swift bus rapid transit,  as well as DART paratransit for riders with disabilities. Our Vanpool Program and DART Alderwood Shuttle also provide local transit options. Explore all the ways you can get around Snohomish County and beyond. 

Various people standing and sitting as they ride a bus
Bus riding basics

It’s easy, and chances are you’re never more than a few blocks from a stop.

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Two riders in a Community Transit Vanpool van
Join a vanpool

Share the ride with people you know. Save time, money and reduce your commuting stress.

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Getting onto a Community Transit but in a wheelchair
Accessible service options

All of our buses are wheelchair accessible.  We also offer DART paratransit service for people who qualify.

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Rider stories — ride like a local

Need some inspiration? Learn how real people get around town, commute to work, and explore the Puget Sound on Community Transit.

Lindsay tells her Rider Story
Meet Lindsay

Lindsay says she’s grateful for the options Community transit provides because it helps her get from her home in Edmonds to classes at the University of Washington campus in Seattle. She usually catches the 871 or 810 from Mountlake Terrace Transit Center to Northgate Station, and then hops on the Link light rail to campus.

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Brian tells his rider story
Meet Brian

Brian's journey to becoming a Vanpool rider started with something many in the region can relate to — frustration with rush-hour traffic. Today he drives a hybrid van to work through Community Transit’s Vanpool program.

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Apollo, youth transit rider
Meet Apollo

Apollo says that he is grateful for the transit options Community Transit provides because they have helped him get to his school district’s STEM program, which emphasizes classes in science, technology, engineering and math. Community Transit helps youth riders like Apollo have the independence to travel from place to place with the Youth Ride Free Program.

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Leigh tells her rider story
Meet Leigh

Leigh became a DART rider because the service allows her the independence to travel where she needs to go in her community, stay engaged with friends, and volunteer in her community. “DART helps me stay connected.”

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