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Double Tall Buses

More riders. Less maintenance.
Smaller footprint. Bigger views.

Customers board a Double Tall bus at a Mountlake Terrace Freeway stop

There are now 62 Double Tall double decker buses specially built for Community Transit operating on Snohomish County roads.

Double Talls have replaced aging 60-foot articulated buses to add more seats to many of our 400-series routes serving trips to downtown Seattle. The 62 Double Talls represent the second largest fleet of double deckers in the U.S.!

More for Less

Our Double Talls:

  • Are 42 feet long and 14 feet tall.
  • Seat 77 passengers – 49 upstairs, 28 downstairs – plus have designated standing room. At times, there are more than 100 riders on a single Double Tall!
  • Compared to the 60-foot, 60-seat buses they replaced, Double Talls seat more passengers in less road space, easing crowding on popular commuter routes that run on I-5 as well as on Seattle streets and at Community Transit’s Kasch Park base in Everett.
  • A mix of federal and state funding has paid for most of the cost of these buses.
  • Because of their ability to ease congestion on I-5 between Snohomish County and Seattle, Double Talls score well in Washington Regional Mobility Grant funding competitions.
  • The Double Tall buses require less maintenance (since there’s no joint in the middle) and use less fuel than the articulated buses, and they handle better in snowy and icy road conditions when articulated buses are usually removed from service.

Facts About the Double Tall

The Double Talls are made by Alexander Dennis Ltd., the same company that makes the famous London double deckers. Community Transit’s decision to buy these buses required the Scotland-based bus manufacturer to build these buses in the United States to meet federal Buy America standards, a requirement for the federal money which helped pay for the buses.

  • Bus Model: Enviro 500
  • Manufacturer: Alexander Dennis Limited
  • Ceiling height : 5-feet-7-inches. Please watch your head.
  • Extra-large windows: Enjoy the view.
  • High-back reclining seats: Sit back and relax
  • Height: 14 ft
  • Weight: 52,911 lbs
  • Length: 42 ft
  • Capacity: 77 seats, with lower deck standing room for up to 20 passengers
  • Weight distribution: 70 percent of weight is within 4 feet of the ground, making the buses very stable
  • Comfort: All seats have 3 inches more hip-to-knee room than standard; reading lights; individual air vents
  • Double deckers in U.S. transit: Las Vegas has the largest fleet of double decker buses in regular transit operation.

Where to find a Double Tall

Click here to see a list of routes that may be assigned a Double Tall. Please note that due to maintenance and availability, another bus may be assigned.