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Lynnwood Pilot Program

Community Transit and the City of Lynnwood are partnering to develop a pilot transit project to better meet transportation needs within the city. A community working group, Community Transit staff, and the City of Lynnwood have been hard at work developing a new microtransit service to test within the Lynnwood community.

Why Lynnwood?

Lynnwood was selected for this pilot program because of its large population size and many popular destinations. Lynnwood will also be the site of the northern terminal for Link light rail in 2024. A comprehensive needs assessment identified travel gaps and barriers to accessing transportation in fast-growing areas of Lynnwood. This resulted in focusing on a microtransit solution to test.

What is Microtransit?

Picture of a van to be used for the Lynnwood Pilot Microtransit PilotMicrotransit is a flexible transit service that you request when you need it. Microtransit runs within in a zone to get you close to home or where you want to go. 

You make requests for pick-up and drop-off at a time that works for you by using a phone app or calling.

Some of the benefits of microtransit include:

  • No need for schedules
  • Flexible service meets you close to where you are, and takes you close to where you want to go within the service zone
  • Vehicles are wheelchair accessible 
  • Can be paid with bus pass (ORCA card)
  • Riders pay local fare; $2.50 or less per trip

The service zone for the pilot is:

Alderwood Microtransit Service Area

Map showing Alderwood area - Lynnwood Pilot Program area

Next Steps

Community Transit is working on developing the new microtransit service for testing. The pilot is expected to start in late 2022.

Questions about the pilot? Please contact Kevin Futhey, Community Transportation Specialist, by email or by calling (425) 521-5376.