Mission, Vision and Core Values | Community Transit

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission and Vision statements are inspired by the evolution in our region’s transportation needs and changing customer expectations.

Riders board and deboard at a Swift Blue Line bus at Everett Station



We help people get from where they are to where they want to be.



Travel made easy for all.



Core Values describe how we approach our work. They apply both internally and externally, guiding how we treat each other as well as how we interact with our customers, partners, vendors and our community.

Our Core Values provide clear guidance and represent what we should expect of ourselves as well as our colleagues:

  • Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other accountable and we encourage and support each other when needed.

  • Equity & Inclusion: We align our policies, practices and resources so everyone has genuine opportunities to fully participate and thrive.

  • Initiative: We consistently look for opportunities to go beyond the status quo and are committed to ongoing learning and development.

  • Integrity: We believe in always doing the right thing for the right reasons and being honest with each other so that we may continue to build and maintain trust.

  • Mutual Respect: We respect, value and celebrate each other and our customers as unique individuals with equal worth.

  • Service-Focused: All that we do is in service to our community, our customers and each other.