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About Procurement

Our Procurement Division is centrally responsible for the purchase of goods and services. These purchases are essential to provide public transportation services to Snohomish County citizens.

As stewards of public funds, Procurement:

  • Abides by the values and guiding principles of the Institute of Public Procurement (NIGP
  • Promotes full and open competition
  • Fosters Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

The Procurement Division earned an Accreditation for Quality Public Procurement Departments (QPPD, formally the OA4) and an Outstanding Agency Accreditation for Public Procurement from NIGP. This external recognition of the Procurement team’s adherence to industry standards makes them leaders in the public procurement profession.

How to participate in business opportunities

The Procurement Division manages purchases that exceed $10,000. In addition, Community Transit offers a wide range of business opportunities published online to maximize full and open competition. Vendors must be registered on Community Transit’s vendor portal to participate.

We encourage interested vendors to register on the vendor portal. Registration is free, and vendors receive automatic notifications about new business opportunities relevant to their line of business, can view solicitation information, and submit offers.

Learn more about doing business with us
Solicitations and Awards| Contract Administration


Vendor registration

Are you interested in doing business with Community Transit? Registration is free and will enable your business to:

  • Download solicitations (bidding opportunities)
  • Receive automatic notification of upcoming opportunities
  • Update your vendor information anytime
  • View awarded contracts
  • Much more!

Small Business and Community Transit

Community Transit promotes and encourages Small Business participation, which includes small, minority, and women-owned businesses in its procurement opportunities.

The agency is interested in firms that demonstrate a commitment to equal employment opportunities and encourages firms to employ a workforce that reflects the region's diversity and adheres to nondiscrimination provisions.

Learn more about our Small & Disadvantaged Business Development Program

Surplus auctions and announcements

Community Transit periodically auctions surplus vehicles and equipment.

Community Transit Bus in Mechanic's bay

To view current auctions, see the links under the James G. Murphy Auctions and Public Surplus sections in the blue sidebar on this page. 

We advertise and sell at:

James G. Murphy Auctions

Online or in-person at:
3803 136th St NE,
Marysville, WA 98271

We post upcoming Surplus Auctions on the James G. Murphy website.

Public Surplus

These are online auctions periodically posted by Community Transit's Procurement Department.

Register as a buyer so you can view any current auctions posted.

Interlocal agreements

The Interlocal Cooperation Act (RCW 39.34.040) allows a local government to enter into interlocal agreements with other public agencies. By cooperatively sharing resources, everyone benefits!

Under RCW 39.34.040, Community Transit has executed interlocal agreements with other public agencies for various years.

As of June 7, 2006, this law was amended to permit a public agency to list interlocal agreements on its website instead of filing them with the county auditor's office. We have posted interlocal agreements the agency has entered into to comply with that law.

Please note the Snohomish County auditor's office does not have these agreements recorded.

Copies of all Interlocal Agreements Community Transit has entered with other public agencies is available online on our Procurement Portal. Click here to search, review, and download PDFs of all supplier contracts.

Frequently asked questions about procurement

Listed below are the most asked questions our Procurement Division receives. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us!

Please refer to the PDF, "Goods and Services Procured by Community Transit."

Vendors must register with Community Transit to conduct business with the agency. Please register here.

As a registered vendor, you will:

  • Be notified of Community Transit's solicitation opportunities based on the NAICS codes you've selected for your business.
  • Have the ability to download open solicitation documents.
  • Have the ability to ask questions and be notified of additional items required.
  • Be able to maintain and update your vendor profile.
  • Access other information relevant to your account.
For assistance with identifying your NAICS classification code(s), use the NAICS Search at

Community Transit advertises all solicitations of more than $10,000 on our Procurement Portal (Note: you must be registered and logged in to download bid documents.)

The agency advertises all Public Works in the Everett Herald.

NAICS is the Census Bureau’s system for classifying business establishments. We utilize the NAICS classification code for vendors to self-identify the goods or services they provide. In addition, these codes help us identify potential vendors for bidding opportunities.

For assistance identifying your NAICS classification code(s), use the NAICS Search at

Community Transit has established a few continuous on-call rosters or qualified vendor lists. These are posted and available for review through the "Solicitations" link on our Procurement Portal.

Register as a vendor so you can download the entire solicitation packet. Each packet will contain specific instructions for joining and selection.

If you have questions about which on-call roster is the best fit for your company, please email

A PDF of Community Transit's Bank and Credit References is available. This document is updated every calendar year.

B2Gnow is a provider of Small Business Enterprise/Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (SBE/DBE) program management systems.

Access Community Transit’s program management system for SBE/DBEs at:

This system is:

  • Currently being applied in engineering and construction contracts.
  • Allowing vendors the ability to register with Community Transit.
  • Not for general use.

Yes, registration is mandatory to do business with Community Transit through its Procurement Portal.

As a registered vendor, you can download solicitation documents by:

  1. Going directly to the Procurement Portal and logging in.
  2. Visiting Solicitations and Awards on the Community Transit website and clicking on the "Solicitations" button. You'll arrive on the landing page of our Procurement Portal. Click "Bids" in the left navigation to see all available solicitations.
  3. Click on the number in the "Number" column to the left of the bid to see details.
  4. Then, click the “Documents” sub-tab to download the solicitation package (Note: you must log in to access documents.)

Registration is mandatory to do business with Community Transit through its Procurement Portal.

Registered vendors will:

  • Be notified of Community Transit's solicitation opportunities based on the NAICS codes selected by you.
  • Have access to download open solicitation documents, ask questions, and be notified of addenda.
  • Be able to maintain and update their vendor profile.
  • Access other information relevant to your profile/account.
Vendors with general questions should email or call (425) 521-5264.

If you have a question regarding a specific solicitation or contract, please use the contact information provided in the solicitation/contract.

eBid Systems is the provider of our web-based Procurement Portal service called “ProcureWare.” This portal is where all formal solicitations and small purchase processes occur.
Vendors can access Community Transit’s version of the eBid/ProcureWare portal at