New Service Starts September 2017

New Boeing route, more Seattle trips and precursor to Swift Green Line set for September

The Community Transit Board of Directors has approved a plan to increase bus service by 6 percent this fall, including two routes that will serve the Boeing-Paine Field area from south Snohomish County.

The plan will also improve transit connections throughout the county, add more weekday trips to Seattle and UW, and improve Sunday bus service with more frequent buses and later hours on some routes.

The final plan differs slightly from a proposal offered to riders in March, based on customer feedback. All changes will be effective this fall, except for the extension of late-night Sunday service, which will take effect in March 2018.

New Service for September 2017

Route 107 (New Route)
Route 105
Route 106
Route 115
Route 196
Route 209
Routes 270, 271 & 280
Route 277
Route 280
Added Trips
DART Paratransit Expansion