Coronavirus Message
Here's what we're doing to help keep our customers and employees healthy and safe. We continue to operate reduced service.

September 2020 Service Change

Community Transit will change its service schedule effective Sunday, September 20.

These schedule changes will last through March 2021. They reflect a service increase to 85% of service levels operated before the COVID-19 pandemic. The weekday schedule will have about 80 more bus trips.

Some routes will see an increase in trips, and some routes will see a slight decrease in trips.

The September service change will:

  • Reduce waiting time on less frequent routes,
  • Add trips on routes that are seeing higher ridership at certain times of the day, and
  • Improve transfer connections.

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Route Changes for 2020 September Service Change

Route 101
Route 105
Route 106
Route 107
Route 109
Route 111
Route 112
Route 113
Route 115
Route 116
Route 119
Route 120
Route 130
Route 196
Route 201
Route 202
Route 209
Route 220
Route 222
Route 227
Route 230
Route 240
Route 247
Route 270
Route 271
Route 280
Route 402
Route 405
Route 410
Route 412
Route 413
Route 415
Route 416
Route 417
Route 421
Route 422
Route 424
Route 435
Route 508
Route 510
Route 511
Route 512
Route 513
Route 532
Route 535
Route 810
Route 821
Route 855
Route 860
Route 871
Route 880

Projects Expected to Impact Fall Bus Service

In addition to trip changes, two longer-term projects are expected to impact bus service this fall.

  • The new Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal is expected to open in late 2020. When it does, routes serving the current ferry terminal will remain on the same schedule, but will stop at the new terminal location.
  • The Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station is expected to reopen in late 2020. At that time, routes that previously served the transit center via the freeway station will once again serve this transit center.

Look for rider alerts as those projects conclude. You can sign up for real-time service alerts by email or text at

Community Transit remains committed to providing a safe trip for our customers and employees.

  • Visit for information on what we are doing to maintain safety.
  • Face coverings are mandatory on public transit.
  • Please stay at least six feet from drivers and other riders on the bus and at transit facilities.