March 2023 Proposed Service | Community Transit

March 2023 Service Change

A man and two women approach a Community Transit bus to board.

The Community Transit Board of Directors on Dec. 1 approved a plan to reduce service on some weekday bus trips to better align service with current staffing levels.

The plan will reduce trips on 8 local routes and one downtown Seattle route starting in March 2023. A nationwide bus driver shortage is resulting in canceled trips, and we need to make these changes to improve reliability for riders.

The changes listed below:

  • Improve reliability for riders so you can count on the bus being there as scheduled.
  • Eliminate most last-minute canceled bus trips. 
  • Focus on routes with low ridership or high frequency.
  • Affect only weekday service; there are no proposed reductions to weekend service. 

We are actively recruiting new drivers to meet current and future demand. Community Transit is committed to expanding our service in time for light rail’s arrival in Snohomish County, and beyond. Learn more at

A final bus schedule will be published before we implement changes in March. Here is the presentation that was made to our board of directors on Dec. 1, explaining the need for these changes.

March 2023 Weekday Service Reductions

Route 101: Mariner Park & Ride - Aurora Village
Route 105: Mariner Park & Ride/Hardeson Road — Bothell
Route 115: McCollum Park Park & Ride — Aurora Village
Route 116: Silver Firs — Edmonds
Route 119: Ash Way Park & Ride — Mountlake Terrace
Route 196: Ash Way Park & Ride — Edmonds
Route 201: Smokey Point — Lynnwood
Route 202: Smokey Point — Lynnwood
Route 270: Gold Bar — Everett
Route 271: Gold Bar — Everett
Route 280: Granite Falls — Everett
Route 412: Silver Firs — Seattle

Title VI Analysis

Community Transit evaluates the effects of service change proposals on minority, low-income, and limited-English-speaking populations.

Our staff conducted the standard analysis in compliance with federal regulations. The analysis found that the proposed service change does not have a disparate effect on minority, low-income, or limited-English speaking populations.

A PDF of the March 2023 Proposed Service Change Title VI Analysis is available to download below. Please provide your comment on the Title VI analysis through the same process as the service change proposal.