Youth rider

Youth ride transit for free

As of September 1, 2022, people age 18 and younger can take transit for free thanks to Move Ahead Washington, a statewide transportation funding package. We are excited to bring the freedom of transit to a new generation!

How free fare for youth works

All youth can ride transit for free. Riders ages 13–18 are encouraged to use an ORCA card if they have one. Community Transit is partnering with many local school districts so that students will soon be able to get ORCA cards at school. Youth who do not have an ORCA card can still ride for free. Children age 12 and younger do not need an ORCA card. 

Youth ORCA Card

Get a free Youth ORCA Card

  • Please “tap” your card when you board your bus or at the Swift station before the bus arrives. On Sound Transit light rail, please also “tap” when you exit.
  • If you kept the Youth ORCA card issued by your school during the 2021-22 academic year, it will continue to work through December 31, 2023.
  • In 2023 and beyond, youth will be directed to get a Free Youth Transit Pass that allows them to tap a card—or eventually their smartphone—to access transit across the region for free.

Riding with children and babies

 Children age 12 and younger do not need an ORCA card. Children age 10 and younger should be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible caregiver to provide adequate supervision. A youth has to be sufficiently independent enough to ride unsupervised.

Strollers and other gear must be folded or stored so that they do not block the aisle of the bus.