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Six-Year Transit Development Plan

Each year, Community Transit updates its six-year Transit Development Plan (TDP). It forecasts the agency's financial picture six years out and outlines services the agency can provide.


2019-2024 TDP

Cover of Transit Development Plan 2019 - 2024The 2019-2024 Transit Development Plan summarizes accomplishments from the past calendar year, documents agency goals and strategies for the current and following five years, identifies needed resources and provides a financial forecast.

Community Transit’s highest priorities over the next six years are to: 

  • Provide easy access and connectivity to Sound Transit’s Link light rail when it arrives in 2024
  • Innovate to improve products and services that make travel easy and safe for all 

The plan also includes more than $1.5 billion in service and capital projects, including:

  • Swift Orange Line
  • Swift Blue Line
  • Facilities improvements and expansion
  • Next Generation ORCA
  • Community Connections
  • Increasing bus service by 154,500 hours
  • Expansion of the agency's Vanpool fleet by an additional 40 vehicles


Transit Development Plan Highlights -

Agency Growth and Innovation

The 2019-2024 Transit Development Plan looks ahead six years to forecast sales tax revenue, and to match proposed future service expansions with the labor and fleet needed to provide that service.

  • By 2024, Community Transit plans to increase its fleet to 338 buses, 509 vanpool vans, and 52 DART paratransit buses. 
  • Bus service levels are continuing to grow in 2019 and are forecast to reach more than 565,000 annual service hours by 2024.
  • Total system wide ridership is expected to reach 14.4 million boardings by 2024.
  • The agency will order 585 new vehicles over the life of this plan to replace or expand the bus fleet, vanpool fleet and paratransit fleet.
  • Expenditures over these six years total $1.5 billion in transit service and capital investment.

2019-2024 Expansion and Beyond

Community Transit continues to focus on expanding service, including the build-out of Swift, its bus rapid transit network. Swift Orange Line, the third line in the network, will launch in 2024. With terminals in Mill Creek and Edmonds, Orange Line will connect Swift riders to Sound Transit’s Link light rail's Lynnwood City Center station.

This plan also includes a Swift Blue Line extension; the line will extend 1.8 miles south along Highway 99/Aurora Avenue to a new Sound Transit Link light rail station at N. 185th Street in Shoreline.