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Long Range Plan

Looking Ahead to 2030

The 20-Year Long Range Plan identifies a series of transit emphasis corridors that will serve as the backbone of Community Transit’s future route network (see map).

The Long Range Plan adopted in March 2011 proposes a planning framework to guide their development as we work toward implementing the corridor vision.

The Long Range Plan:

  • Provides performance guidelines that set targets for each Community Transit route.
  • Helps monitor the system’s performance to determine whether Community Transit is getting value for the taxpayer investment.
  • Contains route design measures to inform local jurisdictions about the population densities, development patterns and infrastructure that support effective transit service.
  • Helps us to better coordinate future transit services with planned residential and commercial growth

A strong emphasis on partnerships and coordinated planning helps ensure that all agencies are working efficiently toward a common transportation vision that will enable more people to "think transit first."

The Long Range Transit Plan will be important in helping to define Community Transit’s leadership role in providing transportation solutions for the Puget Sound region.

Long Range Transit Plan