September 2017 / March 2018 Service Expansion Proposal

Snohomish County is growing, and Community Transit is keeping pace with a fourth consecutive year of service expansion. A new service expansion proposal to take effect in September 2017 and March 2018 would:

  • Improve transit connections in South Snohomish County.
  • Create new connections in North Snohomish County.
  • Add new service to the Paine Field manufacturing area.
  • Increase frequency of bus service on select routes.
  • Add more trips to Seattle and UW during the work week.
  • Improve Sunday bus service with more frequent buses and later hours on some routes.

In addition to making it easier for county residents to get around on transit, this proposal looks toward the future by establishing local bus service all along on the future Swift Green Line corridor.

Public comment

The Public Comment period took place March 3 - April 7, 2017. A decision on the Service Proposal will be made at the regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday,  May 4, 2017.

Virtual Public Meeting

A screenshot from Community Transit March 14, 2017 Virtual Public Meeting recordingOur Virtual Public Meeting took place on Tuesday, March 14.

A recording of this virtual public meeting is available to view now.

After viewing the recording, please take this online survey and let us know how we did. Thank you!

Service Expansion Proposal

Community Transit proposes to add about 21,000 service hours in the next year, an increase of about 6 percent over 2016 service levels. Here is the Title VI Analysis for this proposal.

Most of these changes are proposed for this fall; some are proposed for March 2018. The following changes are planned for September 2017 unless otherwise noted.

Proposed Service Expansion Details

Route 105 - Proposed
Route 106 - Proposed
Route 107 - Proposed
Route 115 - Proposed
Route 196 - Proposed
Route 209 (Proposed for March 2018)
Routes 270, 271 & 280 - Proposed
Route 277 - Proposed
Route 280 - Proposed
Seattle/UW Service - Proposed
Sunday Service - Proposed