Swift Ticket Machines

When the Swift Blue Line began service in November 2009, it introduced off-board fare payment where riders pay their fares at the station rather than on the bus in order to keep buses moving.

Most Swift riders use an ORCA card to pay their fare. Cash customers use one of two ticket vending machines (TVMs) located at each Swift station. The TVMs also accept VISATM or MasterCardTM.

Ticket Machine Upgrade

New Ticket Vending Machine ticket in use at Merrill Creek StationCommunity Transit is upgrading the ticket vending machines at all 32 Swift Blue Line stations to allow for multi-rider purchases.

Until now, riders had to purchase a separate ticket for each rider in a group. Because a Swift bus does not wait at the station, riders would sometimes miss a bus. The new ticket vending machines will allow riders to purchase up to five tickets at once.The new machines also have a more intuitive screen flow and are easier to see in bright light.

Two Swift stations at Everett Station received the upgraded machines in January 2018 and customers have welcomed the change.


Starting February 13, 2018, new installations will start at the Wetmore Swift Station in Everett and move south, switching out machines at all southbound stations ending at Aurora Village Transit Center. The upgrade installations will then move north, switching out all northbound stations. The upgrade will be rolled out to several stations a week and will take about two months to complete.

How to use the new machines:

The new screen instructions are a bit different than the older machines. Riders are asked to allow some extra time when first using the new machines.

Here are a few tips:

  • Do not insert payment first. Please press the green “Start” button to begin.
  • You can now buy up to five tickets in one purchase.
  • Machine accepts $1 and $5 bills, but does not give change.
  • Keep your ticket as proof of payment.