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Masks mandatory on all bus service
Weekday Trip Adjustments
Starting Monday, January 24, Community Transit has made minor adjustments to certain weekday bus routes to provide more reliable bus service so you can better plan your travel schedule. This temporary schedule adjustment will be in effect through March 18. https://www.communitytransit.org/tripadjustments

Bus Service to Northgate Station

New Northgate Station Now Open

Three new light rail stations — Northgate, Roosevelt and U District — are now open. With light rail closer than ever, Community Transit is here to get you there! 

Discover new places to go and new ways to get there when you take the bus to the 1 Line (Link) light rail station at Northgate. 

Fast, frequent service
Frequent buses and trains make for fast, easy connections.

Release stress and regain time
Spend less time driving and gain time for yourself for a more relaxing trip.

Get out of gridlock
Skip the worst traffic for a faster, more reliable ride.

Your fare can take you farther
Your bus fare gets you farther when you pay with ORCA and connect to light rail.

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With light rail’s fast connections, you can ride from:

  • Northgate to UW in 6 minutes
  • Northgate to Westlake in 14 minutes
  • Northgate to SeaTac in 49 minutes

Whether you are going to class at the UW, a job downtown, or to catch a flight at SeaTac Airport, taking the bus to light rail will mean frequent, easy connections and, in many cases, less travel time.

About Northgate Station

Northgate Station offers a park & ride, frequent bus connections, and a pedestrian and bike bridge between the light rail station and North Seattle College and Northwest Hospital. 

Northgate is also home to the newly-opened Kraken Community Iceplex, the official training facility for the Seattle Kraken NHL team and a hub for ice sports.

People traveling to the 1 Line from Snohomish County now have direct transit connections to many new locations for the first time — anywhere light rail travels.

Transit riders are also able to catch a King County Metro bus connection to South Lake Union or First Hill from Northgate, bypassing a trip to downtown.

Heading to the U District? See the map of the new U District Station.

Detailed map of Northgate Station, including bus bays and walking paths.

Getting to Northgate

With the extension of light rail, our services have changed to connect you to Northgate Station. Some of the changes include: 

  • The 800-series bus routes connect to the 1 Line at Northgate Station instead of going to the U District and University of Washington. See the map of the new U District Station.
  • Route 855 has been replaced with additional service on route 821, which also serves the Lynnwood Transit Center.
  • Sound Transit Routes 511, 512, and 513 — which formerly ran between Snohomish County and Seattle — now connect to light rail at Northgate.
  • Community Transit added 48 trips from Northgate back to Snohomish County in the afternoon and evening. Each 800-series route has a bus leaving Northgate every 15 minutes during the evening commute.

Learn more about Community Transit's Fall 2021 Service Change.

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Bus Service from Snohomish County to Northgate Station

Community Transit

McCollum Park Park & Ride in Everett to Northgate Station
with key stops at Mariner Park & Ride, Ash Way Park & Ride, Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

Marysville to Northgate Station
with key stops at Cedar & Grove Park & Ride, Marysville I Park & Ride, Lynnwood Transit Center

McCollum Park Park & Ride in Everett to Northgate Station
with key stops at Mariner Park & Ride, Ash Way Park & Ride

Edmonds Park & Ride to Northgate Station
with key stop at Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

Mukilteo to Northgate Station
with key stops at Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, Mukilteo Station, Swamp Creek Park & Ride, Ash Way Park & Ride

Sound Transit

Ash Way Park & Ride in Lynnwood to Northgate Station
with key stops at Lynnwood Transit Center, Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

Everett Station to Northgate Station
with key stops at South Everett Freeway Station, Ash Way Park & Ride, Lynnwood Transit Center, Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

Seaway Transit Center in Everett to Northgate Station
with key stops at Eastmont Park & Ride, Ash Way Park & Ride, Lynnwood Transit Center, Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

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Riding light rail

How to pay for light rail

Paying by ORCA card saves you money when you take the bus to light rail—your bus fare counts towards a light rail trip within two hours. You will still need to tap your ORCA card at the light rail station.

When arriving at the station, just find the closest ORCA Card reader and “tap on” by placing your card flat against it. One beep and a green light means you’re good to go.

When you reach your destination, tap your card on a reader again after you exit. Link light rail fares are distance-based, so if you forget to "tap off", you'll be charged the maximum fare.

Tickets & Day Passes
Buy Link tickets or day passes from the station ticket machine with cash, or most debit/credit cards. 

Transit Go Ticket App
You can also pay your fare using your smartphone and the Transit Go Ticket app. Learn more at transitgoticket.com

Light rail fares

When you use your ORCA card to transfer from a bus to light rail, you don’t have to pay two full fares — your first-leg fare counts toward the second leg of your trip within a two-hour window. 

(19 – 64)

$2.25 to $3.50*

(6 – 18)


Reduced Fare




*One-way adult fares range from $2.25 to $3.50 depending on how far you travel. 

Hours and schedules

Link light rail trains run every 8 mins. during peak hours and every 10 to 15 mins during non-peak hours. 

Trains run from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday and from 6 a.m. to midnight 
on Sunday and select holidays. 

Visit soundtransit.org/schedules for schedule details. 

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Know before you go

Future plans for bus and light rail connections

Community Transit's connections to Northgate are the first that will happen over the next several years. As light rail reaches Snohomish County, we will be seeking public input on how best to design our future transit services. These changes will make for faster local and regional connections for anyone taking transit.