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Expect Occasional Closures of Stops on 56th Ave Due to Road Work in MLT

Mar 2, 2019, 03:42 PM

Construction on Main Street in Mountlake Terrace is scheduled for 11 months; it is part of a larger project estimated to continue into February 2020.

During construction on 236th Street, buses need to reroute off 56th Ave SW, south of 232nd St. This could result in two stops being missed:

  • Stop #1203 (southbound 56th Ave & 234th St.)
  • Stop #726 (northbound 56th Ave & 235th St.)

The following stops should be available throughout construction:

    • Routes 119, 130, 810 & 871 to Mountlake Terrace Transit Center:
      • Regular stop on southbound 56th Ave W, just north of 232nd St SW (Stop #1207)
    • Routes 119, 130, 810 & 871 to Edmonds:
      • Regular stop on northbound 56th Ave W, just north of 232nd St SW (Stop #720)