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Service Impacts After Seattle Viaduct Closure

Jan 8, 2019, 12:14 PM

On Friday, Jan, 11 at 10 p.m., the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle will permanently close.This sets the stage for potential service delays into and out of Seattle on Monday, Jan. 14.

The viaduct closure will result in more traffic on I-5 and downtown Seattle streets for three weeks, until the new Battery Street Tunnel opens. We will monitor service impacts, but do not plan to reroute our buses at this time.

Our drivers are preparing to come in early to start their routes on time. We may also make real-time dispatching changes to help minimize delays.

You should also prepare for the likelihood of traffic delays.

Tips to Survive #Realign99

  • Telecommute. This isn't an option for everyone, but if you can, even a couple of days working from home might keep you productive instead of stuck in traffic.
  • Flex your work schedule to avoid peak commuting times. Use our Trip Planner or call (425) 353-7433 to help find new travel options.
  • Try Route 413. Consider taking Route 413, which has 13 off-peak trips that serve Swamp Creek Park & Ride. There is available parking space for commuters who want to shift their travel time to less congested hours.
  • Expect more riders on the bus as drivers may decide to take transit during this closure.
  • Take advantage of carpools or vanpools. This may be a great time to look into our Vanpool Program.

For details about this project, follow these Twitter hashtags, #Realign99 and #SeattleSqueeze, and visit the WSDOT website www.99Tunnel.com.