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Get ready for major changes to bus service on Sept. 14

Check the lists below to learn if your route is changing or being eliminated and replaced on Sept. 14. Or, click to learn about our new local or express routes. Click on the route to see a map and watch a video.

If your route is not on these lists, check back after Aug. 5 for updates on minor schedule changes.

View the lists of routes here:
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CT bus at a light rail station

Community Transit is making major changes to bus service, as Sound Transit’s Link 1 Line service reaches Snohomish County on Aug. 30.

Here is what you can expect for bus service changes starting Sept. 14:

  • Commuter routes to Northgate and Seattle will be eliminated and replaced with new express and local routes that connect to light rail.
  • More bus service, running more often, including extending the Swift Blue Line to the Shoreline North/185th light rail station.
  • New schedules on most routes for more reliable service. All riders should check their schedules for changes.
  • Simplified bus fares starting Sept. 1 — $2.50 for adults, $1.25 discounted fares for those who qualify, and kids ride free.
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Personalized trip planning and more information

Contact Customer Care

Want to talk with a Community Transit employee about how the service change will impact your ride? Please reach out to Community Transit’s Customer Care team. This team of transit experts can help you with questions and concerns. And starting Aug. 5, they can help with personalized trip planning and even printed route maps and schedules.

Key information

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to find your route and watch videos and maps.

Starting on Aug. 5, riders can also plan their bus route and schedule by:

  • Plan My Trip tool – determine the best route and schedule for you. Be sure to set the departure or arrival time to Sept. 14 or later to see new schedules*. Please note that trip information from other transit agencies may not be available until closer to the service change date.
  • Maps & Schedules page – view the preview schedule for your new route(s). Be sure to select the preview schedules* for the Sept. 14, 2024 service change.
  • Contact Customer Care:

*Preview schedules may change. Recheck your schedule and plan your trip on or after Sept. 14, 2024. 

New bus schedules will go into effect on Sept. 14. When reviewing the schedules at the bus stop, riders should check for the effective date to determine if you are looking at the correct schedule. Current schedules can be found on the Maps & Schedules webpage.

Sound Transit will open the 1 Line extension to Snohomish County on Aug. 30. Use Plan My Trip to determine the best bus route to get to one of the four new light rail stations.

Some of these routes will be changing on Sept. 14. Be sure to review the dropdown menu at the top of the page to determine if your route is changing and what your new route options will be after the service change.

While Community Transit offers bus service to Link light rail stations, light rail service is owned by Sound Transit. To learn more about Link light rail, visit

We understand your frustration in moving from one commuter route to Seattle to transferring to light rail from the bus. We understand that this creates another step in your journey. We did make this decision to improve the experience overall for riders in Snohomish County. Our goal is to connect riders to congestion-free light rail and avoid duplicating service offered by Link light rail.

We will begin implementing further changes to bus service in phases through 2026. Riders will see increased frequency and extensions of bus operating hours for many local routes in 2025 and 2026. We will provide more details about the specific routes we're adding and removing at each service change as these changes get closer. Learn more on our Transit Changes in 2024 and Beyond webpage.

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Thursday, July 18, 6-7 p.m. – via Zoom

Meet our street teams at transit centers and community events across Snohomish County this summer.

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