Rules & Policies - Personal Conduct on the Bus | Community Transit

Rules And Policies

Bus conduct is regulated by state laws and Community Transit policies to make the ride safe and enjoyable for all passengers.

Personal Conduct

Persons involved in unauthorized or illegal activities are subject to prosecution and/or exclusion from all Community Transit property and services. Additionally, violators could be found guilty of Unlawful Transit Conduct (RCW 9.91.025), which is a misdemeanor crime. Any assault on a transit operator, supervisor or Swift Ambassador is a class C felony (RCW 9A.36.031).

The conduct of persons using the transit system is regulated by Community Transit policy, as well as federal, state and local laws. These rules and laws are in place to make our system safe and secure for all customers.

Unauthorized activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Smoking or using e-cigarettes or vaping devices on buses or anywhere in a transit facility or park & ride unless in a designated smoking area.
  • Smoking within 25 feet of a bus shelter or Swift station.
  • Discarding litter in other than designated receptacles.
  • Spitting
  • Carrying unlawful firearms or weapons.
  • Loitering or panhandling.
  • Possessing any flammable liquid or hazardous materials, including fireworks, car batteries or gasoline.
  • Disturbing others by engaging in loud, raucous, unruly, harmful, or harassing behavior.
  • Consuming an alcoholic beverage or being in possession of an open alcoholic container.

In addition, while on the bus:

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn on the bus. Roller skates or rollerblades must be removed before boarding.
  • Keep your belongings clear of the aisle and other seats.
  • Do not lie down or place feet on seats.
  • Speak quietly when using mobile communication devices so as not to disturb other passengers.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus. Food and beverages may only be brought onboard in spill-proof containers.
  • Listen to audio devices using headphones to limit the sound to the individual user.
  • Dispose of garbage properly.
  • Large objects may be allowed on the bus if they do not have sharp edges and if space allows. Fishing poles must be disassembled and secured.