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Journey 2050

Community Transit's Long Range Plan

Big changes are coming to transit in our region, and Community Transit is a big part of those changes. The Journey 2050 Long Range Plan guides Community Transit's vision and long-term priorities for 2025-2050. The plan guides Community Transit’s investments in services and infrastructure for decades.

For everyone in Snohomish County, Journey 2050 will provide benefits to mobility and access across the county. Whether you’re catching Swift bus rapid transit, hopping on a regular bus to transfer to light rail, or trying out innovative services, Journey 2050 will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. It also proposes Community Transit’s commitment to transitioning our fleet to zero emissions by 2044.

Cover image of the draft Journey 2050 Long Range Plan for Community Transit

Learn about Community Transit’s priorities, system plan, and zero emissions commitment in the Journey 2050 Long Range Plan.

Community engagement

Community members gave input on visioning and priorities for the future of transit through a survey and interviews with community organizations in spring 2022. That summer, the community shared feedback on potential solutions through an online open house and budgeting exercise. Your input helped shape the draft Journey 2050 Long Range Plan that the community had the opportunity to review and give comment on in fall 2023.  In total, nearly 800 comments and survey responses shaped the final Journey 2050 Long Range Plan. The Board of Directors took action to finalize the Journey 2050 Long Range Plan on Dec. 7, 2023. Thank you to all who gave input! To learn more about the Journey 2050 Long Range Plan, watch a recorded presentation about the plan from fall 2023.

How does Journey 2050 impact near-term plans?

Journey 2050 informs near-term plans and processes such as the annual Transit Development Plan and the annual budget.

An updated timeline showing the progress of Community Transit's Journey 2050 Long Range Plan
The Journey 2050 Long Range Plan will shape your bus service for many years to come. You will have the opportunity to give input on many upcoming projects. In addition, you will have the opportunity to give input on updates to the Long Range Plan every five years as we update the plan to respond to your changing needs, comprehensive plan updates, and changing travel patterns.

Other documents and resources

The appendices to the Journey 2050 Long Range Plan include:

  • Community Engagement Summary – Phases 1 and 2
  • Planning Context Summary
  • System Plan Development Memo
  • Capital Elements Memo
  • Journey 2050 Determination of Non-Significance

Download the appendices below.

This is a picture of the cover for the Planning Context memo. It includes a picture of the Aurora Village Swift station.
Planning Context Memo

The Planning Context memo provides a summary of existing and future land use and transportation conditions that will inform future phases of the long-range plan development.

The following documents helped us develop the Long Range Plan:

Cover of PSRC's VISION 2050 regional growth plan.
Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) VISION 2050

The regional growth plan adopted by the Puget Sound Regional Council highlights forecast land use change and transportation strategies envisioned to support the growth, including Community Transit service.

Learn more about The PSRC Vison 2050

Cover image of Sound Transit 3 Regional Transit System Plan
Sound Transit 3 (ST3) The Regional System Plan

The ST3 plan improves and expands the regional mass transit system by connecting the major cities in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties with light rail, bus rapid transit, express bus, and commuter rail.

Learn more about The Sound Transit 3 (ST3) The Regional System Plan

Community Transit 2011 Long Range Plan
Community Transit 2011 Long Range Plan

The Long Range Plan adopted in 2011 was Community Transit's first Long Range Transit Plan. It set strategic service, and capital and policy direction for the agency.

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