News / Published on Oct 24, 2023

Celebrating one year of Zip Alderwood Shuttle

From pilot to regular service

A man and a woman stand having a conversation near a Community Transit Zip Alderwood Shuttle car at an October 2022 launch event.

Pictured above: Zip Alderwood Shuttle launched in October 2022 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and presentation at Lynnwood Convention Center. Agency staff were on hand to introduce the service to guests and community members.


Community Transit collaborated with the community to design Zip Shuttle to help make getting around the Alderwood area of Lynnwood easier. Zip launched in October 2022 as a one-year pilot project to test on-demand microtransit service. Thanks to a successful pilot, positive customer feedback, and overwhelming community support, Zip was adopted as a regular service in October 2023.


“People have enjoyed not just the service of being able to get from one place to another, but really the drivers have been extremely helpful,” said Christine Frizzell, Lynnwood Mayor and Community Transit board member.

Zip helps to bridge the “first-mile, last-mile” challenge and address transportation gaps in the community. Zip takes people to many popular destinations including grocery stores, Alderwood Mall, and movie theaters. It also makes it easier for people to choose transit. Zip conveniently connects people to bus routes at Lynnwood Transit Center and the Swift Blue Line. In 2024, when light rail begins serving Lynnwood, people will have access to even more destinations around the region.

Throughout the pilot, demand for the service grew, with more than 30,000 rides and an average of 20 trips per customer. “Overall we got really good feedback from customers of all ages whether it was youth, students, seniors, or adults using the service for all different trip purposes,” said Jennifer Hass, senior manager of Innovation.   
Future plans include the continued investment in Zip and other Innovative Services programs, including the creation of innovative service pilot projects in three new communities -- Arlington, Darrington, and Lake Stevens. We’ll also be planning pilots in three more communities – stay tuned!