News / Published on Jun 6, 2024

Community Transit to eliminate commuter bus fare

Come September, all CT bus routes will require the same fare

A young woman taps her payment card at an ORCA reader at a light rail station

The Community Transit Board voted today to eliminate the agency’s commuter bus fare in September. The Snohomish County transit agency currently charges a higher fare for commuter routes that travel to Northgate and downtown Seattle. After light rail extends to Snohomish County, Community Transit will discontinue those routes so there is no need for the higher fare category.


“The arrival of congestion-free light rail in Snohomish County will enable exciting improvements to Community Transit’s network,” said Ric Ilgenfritz, Community Transit CEO. “This change to a single, standard fare supports these improvements and helps make riding transit an even easier choice.”


Starting Sept. 1, all standard adult fares will be $2.50. This applies to local bus, Swift, Zip Alderwood Shuttle, and DART paratransit services. The new rate also applies to Community Transit Express routes that will be introduced on Sept. 14. Reduced fares for ORCA LIFT, disabled, and Medicare riders will remain the same at $1.25. Youth 18 and under ride free. ORCA cards are the easiest way to pay and offer savings when transferring between different transit agencies. Customers can also pay with cash using exact change.


Although Community Transit buses will no longer serve Northgate and downtown Seattle, Route 424 will be maintained; it does not travel on I-5. Route 424 riders will move to the standard $2.50 fare. Other Seattle-bound riders will connect to Link light rail at Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, or Shoreline to complete their trips to Seattle. Some Sound Transit buses will continue to serve Seattle.


Community Transit held a public comment period and conducted a federally mandated Title VI analysis which found that this fare change does not have a disparate effect on minority or low-income populations.